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the locus of the center of the circle which cuts orthogonally the circle x2 +y2-20x +4=0 and which touches x=2 is

3 years ago


Answers : (3)


condition for orthogonal,
perpendicular fron center to x=2 is radius..
put g=-x and f=-y
3 years ago
                                        sorry,there was one mistake in above solution.

Ans. Is y^2=16x.
3 years ago

how?plz tell me..urgent plz..

2 years ago

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circles of radii 5,5,8 touch each other externally. Find the radius of the circle which touches all the three circles internally.
Pushkar Aditya one month ago
if you draw yhe diagram, and put C1,C2 the centre of circle with r=5. c3 the centre of circle of r=3. Since circle(c3) touch the both circle C 3 C 1 =C 3 C 1 -->C3 lies on perp. bisector of...
Abhishek Singh one month ago
@ abhishek singh ..that is the easy one . it is for externally that u r telling .. the question reads internally my frnd.
sarim khan one month ago
when should we use family of straight lines?
Hi, The family of straight lines is used when we need to represent large number of lines representing a particular condition....
Shobhit Varshney 4 months ago
Find the equation of the line which passes through the point of intersection of L1:2x – 3y + 5 = 0 and L2: 3x – 2y + 5 = 0, and also passes through the origin. Here’s one way to solve the...
S. Agarwal 4 months ago
If the orthocentre of a triangle is at (4,5) and the centroid is at (3,3), where is the circumcentre located? Answer is (2.5,2). Please explain.
so.. centroid is dividing Orhtocentre and circumcentre in 2:1 internally use section formula if the circumcentre is (x, y) for X-coordinate: 3 = (4*1 + 2* x)/ 3 ….....(1) 9 =(4*1 + 2*...
Ajay Verma 7 months ago
1.lim (pi) 0.5 – (cos -1 x) 0.5 /(x + 1) 0.5 x--->-1+
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below This is zero by zero form, use L’hospital rule
Jitender Singh 5 months ago
TANGENTS AND NORMALS find the points on the curve y=x^3 where the slope of the tangent is equal to x coordinate of the point.
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Let the point be (a, b) Slope = a Put in curve
Jitender Singh 5 months ago
( m+2 )sinA + (2m – 1)cosA = ( 2m+1 ) then find tanA. (the answer is 3/4)
(m+2) Sin A +(2m-1) Cos A = 2m+1--------1 we know that , Sin A =(2 tan(A/2))/(1+tan 2 (A/2) and Cos A = (1-tan 2 (A/2))/(1+tan 2 (A/2) let tan(A/2) = k and it in first equation We get,...
JAGADEESH 2 months ago
thank you
Kaustubh Nayyar 2 months ago
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