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the locus of the center of the circle which cuts orthogonally the circle x2 +y2-20x +4=0 and which touches x=2 is

3 years ago


Answers : (3)


condition for orthogonal,
perpendicular fron center to x=2 is radius..
put g=-x and f=-y
3 years ago
                                        sorry,there was one mistake in above solution.

Ans. Is y^2=16x.
3 years ago

how?plz tell me..urgent plz..

3 years ago

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The equation of a straight line passing through the point (-5,4) and which cuts an intercept of root(2) units between the lines x+y+1=0 and x+y-1 is?
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Nishant Vora 9 months ago
please discuss the concept of enclined parabola in detail
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Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya 9 days ago
The three lines of a triangle are given by (x 2 -y 2 )(2x+3y-6)=0. If the points (-2,a) lies inside and (b,1) lies outside the triangle, then a€(1,10/3) ; b€(-3,5) a€(2,10/3) ; b€(-1,1)...
Your ans is also wrong its none of these
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago
Your ans is also wrong its none of these
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago
Please explain me how you have done..
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago
Please. exp. how to add vectors?
For adding two vectors, the i-components of the two vectors are added. similary for j, k, etc.
Vijay Mukti 17 days ago
Vectors are physical quantities that consist of a magnitude as well as a direction (for example velocity, acceleration, and displacement), as opposed to scalars, which consist of magnitude...
srinivas 15 days ago
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vindhya 8 days ago
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is it 8 we have to find mean
Shubham Singh 2 months ago
noogler 2 months ago
DR Vinay 2 months ago
(cot 2 a (sec a – 1))/1 + sin a = sec 2 a( 1 – sin a)/(1 + sec a)
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Akshay 11 days ago
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