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the locus of the center of the circle which cuts orthogonally the circle x2 +y2-20x +4=0 and which touches x=2 is

4 years ago


Answers : (4)


condition for orthogonal,
perpendicular fron center to x=2 is radius..
put g=-x and f=-y
4 years ago
										sorry,there was one mistake in above solution.

Ans. Is y^2=16x.
4 years ago

how?plz tell me..urgent plz..

4 years ago
Let required circle be x2+y2+2gx+2fy=0---(1)
Apply orthogonal condition (2gg'+2ff'=c+c') to above circle and to x2+y2-20x+4=0
We will get -20g=c+4---(2)
Then apply perpendicular distance from centre (1) i.e (-g,-f) to give line x-2 
Then we will get g+2 this is equal to radius of (1) i.e √g2+f2-c
By equating them   f2-4g=c+4--(3)
So (2)=(3) then f2=-16g
Locus of (-x,-y) by sub y2=16x
one month ago

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lt 1/n[tanpie/4n+tan2pie/4n+.....+tan npie/4n] n-infinity
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Nishant Vora 2 months ago
how to solve this please explain in detail and do not ignore me.
your question is very important to us and ans is very important to you i will tell you how to do this
sahil sharma 3 months ago
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Shubhang Arora 3 months ago
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