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the circle whose eq. are x2 +y2 +c2=2ax and x2 +y2 +c2-2by=0 will touch another externally if

a. 1/b2 +1/c2 =1/a2

b. 1/b2 =1/c2 +1/a2

c. 1/a2 +1/b2 =1/c2

3 years ago


Answers : (3)


Answer is c)

3 years ago


3 years ago

is it right or not?

3 years ago

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plz can u give me solution of q48 and q49
q49. Sn will be equal to coff. of x in : (1+1/x) n .(1+x) n = ∑ n C i * n C i+1 (that is power x i+1 from second bracket multiplied by power x i of first, and i varying from 0 to n-1....
Akshay 12 days ago
will be the series in question. n . cofficient of x 2n-2i (-1) j (1+x) i C n = ∑ n -1) 2 q48. Assume ((x+1) Expand (x+1) 2 in LHS and solve. ATB.
Akshay 12 days ago
q48. Assume ((x+1) 2 -1) n = ∑ n C i (1+x) 2n-2i . cofficient of x n will be the series in question. Expand (x+1) 2 in LHS and solve. ATB.
Akshay 12 days ago
evaluate the following integral ∫ cos x / 2 + 3 sin x dx
Ans: Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
the x and y components of vector a are 4m and 6m respectively .the x and y cmponents of vector A+B are 10m and 9m respectively .find the length of B and angle that B makes with the axis.
A=4i+6j A+B=10i+9j B=(A+B)-A=6i+3j length of B=(36+9) 1/2 =3(5) 1/2 let o be angle made by B with X-axis..........Tano= -2 [Tano=-y/x] APPROVE IF USEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
noogler 2 months ago
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