the circle whose eq. are x2 +y2 +c2=2ax and x2 +y2 +c2-2by=0 will touch another externally if

a. 1/b2 +1/c2 =1/a2

b. 1/b2 =1/c2 +1/a2

c. 1/a2 +1/b2 =1/c2

2 years ago


Answers : (3)


Answer is c)

2 years ago


2 years ago

is it right or not?

2 years ago

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in expansion of [3^1/7+5^1/49]^4319,THE NUMBER OF TERMS FREE FROM RADICALS IS.....??
The general term in the expansion of[3^1/7+5^1/49]^4319 is nCr (x)^(n-r).a^r =4319Cr(3^1/7)^(4319-r).(5^1/49)^r =4319Cr.3^(4319-r)/7. (5)^r/49 =4319Cr (3)^(617-r/7).(5)^r/49 This term will...
Rinkoo Gupta 3 months ago
Find the equation of the line perpendicular to the line x-7y+5=0 and having x-intercept 3
7x+y-21=0 is the eqn perpendicular and having x-intercept to be 3
VINAYREDDY 8 months ago
Akhil sai 8 months ago
he value of k if the lines (2x+3y+4)+k(6x-y+12)=0 are parallel to y- axis
The eq. can be written as (2+6k)x+(3-k)y+(4+12k) =0 slope of eq. = -(2+6k)/(3-k) since it is parallel to y axis so slope of the eq. is infinity. Hence 3-k=0 so k=3 Thanks & Regards...
Rinkoo Gupta one month ago
if cos(a-b)=1/2 and sin(a+b)=1/2 find smallest positive values of a and b and also their most general values
cos(a-b)=1/2, a-b=2nPi+Pi/3 sin(a+b)=1/2, a+b=2nPi+Pi/6 a=2nPi+1/2(Pi/3+Pi/6), a= 2nPi+Pi/4 b= 2nPi+1/2(Pi/6-Pi/3), b=2nPi-Pi/6 smallest value for n=0, a=Pi/4 b=-Pi/6 sher mohammad,...
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
SINCE WE NEED TO FIND THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE VALUE FOR a & b both a & b should lie in first quadrant and SIN(a+b)=1/2 ===>>> SIN(a+b)=SIN (pi/6)=====>> a+b=pi/6.........(1) COS(a-b)=1/2...
NIKHIL JHA 4 months ago
three vectors from origin a,b,c.the ends of vec a is Q ,R,P respectively..if PQ=2QR then (a)2a+c=3b (b) a+3c=2b (c) ba+b=2b (d) a+2c=3b
c+PR=b (1) b+RQ=a (2) from 1 and 2 b+2PR=a b+2(b-c)=a b+2b-2c=a 3b-2c=a 3b=a+2c answer (D)
Pushkar Aditya 3 months ago
solve for x sin3x *sin(cube) x +cos3x *cos(cube) x=0
Hello Student, sin3x *sin^3 x +cos3x *cos^3 x=0 tan3x*tan^3x=0 =>tan3x=0 union tan^3x=0 =>3x=n*pi union x=n*pi
Arun Kumar 10 days ago
please give some easy method as i am in class 11 th this iss going above my head or can u just explain it
rashmi yesterday
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