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the circle whose eq. are x2 +y2 +c2=2ax and x2 +y2 +c2-2by=0 will touch another externally if

a. 1/b2 +1/c2 =1/a2

b. 1/b2 =1/c2 +1/a2

c. 1/a2 +1/b2 =1/c2

4 years ago


Answers : (3)


Answer is c)

4 years ago


4 years ago

is it right or not?

4 years ago

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prove that the triangle which has one of the angles as 60 degree, can not have all vertices with integral coordinates
If we take origin and two arbitrary coordinates with lines passing through them. calculate slope. slope difference between can not be 60.
Charchit Tailong 9 months ago
Why 2+2 =4????
Dear Student, This is a basic mathematics that 2 and 2 will be equal to 4. Let suppose you keep two toffee on a table then you keep another 2 toffee on the same table. Now if you start...
Vijay Mukati 9 months ago
A triangle whose sides have equation 2x+y-1=0, x-3y+2=0 and x-y+1=0. Find area of triangle without finding the coordinates of triangle
Dear Abhishek, you can use the formula of area of triangle which is A=1/2 of |x1 y1 1| |x2 y2 1| |x3 y3 1|
Amogh Dasture 3 months ago
IN a traingle A,B AND C.then proove TANA +TANB+TANC=?
Gowri Sankar, In triangle abc a+b+c=180 then tan a + tan b + tanc = tanatanbtanc.It is from trigonametric identity.
SAI SARDAR 4 months ago
dear gowrisankar the total angle in the triangle is triangle a+b+c=180. then the angles .. tanatanbtanc.this is from trigonometric identities.
N JYOTHEESWAR 4 months ago
Dear Gowri Shankar It would prove by some trignometric idinaties This image tells how to proove that formulae All the best for your bright future
Prabhakar ch 4 months ago
find the sum of a infinite geometric series whose first term is the limit of the function f(x)=(tanx-sinx)/(sinx)^3 as x tends to 0 and whose common ratio is the liit of the function...
for f(x) divide numerator denominaor by x^3.... then use expansion series... I couldn’t understand what g(x) is so pls rewrite that
Jayakrishna 9 months ago
what are tensor quantities? please explain examples for tensorquantities
Hey Tensor quantities are those quantities which are neither vector nor scalar. Example: Moment of Inertia
Sudeshna Chaudhuri 3 months ago
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