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the circle whose eq. are x2 +y2 +c2=2ax and x2 +y2 +c2-2by=0 will touch another externally if

a. 1/b2 +1/c2 =1/a2

b. 1/b2 =1/c2 +1/a2

c. 1/a2 +1/b2 =1/c2

3 years ago


Answers : (3)


Answer is c)

3 years ago


3 years ago

is it right or not?

3 years ago

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find the locus of the mid points of the chord of the hyperbola x 2 /a 2 -y 2 /b 2 =1 which subtend a right angle at the origin.
consider the mid to be a point P (X 0, Y 0 ) now use the formula S 1 =S 11 you will get the equation of chord with its mid point. then homogenise this equation with the equation of given...
Janani one month ago
If A(3,4) and B is a variable point on the line |x| = 6 if AB
Dear Student, Your question seems to be incomplete. Please check it. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 8 days ago
Why does the angular bisector have to make 120 degree angle?
In this case So, bisector will make 120 (=180-60) angle with +ve x-axis
Akshay 4 months ago
In this case angle(PQR)=120. So, bisector will make 60(=120/2) angle with PQ, which is -ve x-axis. So, bisector will make 120 (=180-60) angle with +ve x-axis
Akshay 4 months ago
tanx/x plllllllllz
what is your question
maneeshbabu 4 months ago
the answer is one (1).because of sec is inverse of cosine cosine angle cos 0 is one (1).and it inverse also sec 0 is one.
SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
1 one
kalyan 2 months ago
Raghu Vamshi Hemadri 2 months ago
(-2)^1/2. (-3)^1/2=?
Not define as square root of -ve nos. is not defined
Aakanksha Talreja 2 months ago
raju 2 months ago
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