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the locus of the mid pt. of a chord of the circle x2 +y2 =4,which subtend a right angle at the origin is:

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


radius of circle=2

so length of chord=2√2

let O be origin and P be mid-point of chord


so locus is x2+y2=2

4 years ago

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the incentre of a triangle formed by x+y=1,x=1,y=1 then can any one say the procces for this
the incentre of a triangle formed by x+y=1,x=1,y=1 is the incomplete one. Plz provide the full information regarding your question and aslk again. Thankyou!
Vikas TU 9 days ago
in a leap year which of the months have the same calender??
all the months except february have same calendar as it has 29 days in that month. so your answer include list of names of all months except february. thanks and approve post if any doubt...
SAHIL one month ago
The curve described parametrically by x = t2 + t + 1, y = t2– t + 1 represents?
Dear Student, Solve this equations to eliminate the t. You will get a second degree equation in x and y. Then compare with the general equation of second degree equation i.e. ax 2 +by 2...
Vijay Mukati 8 months ago
jagdish singh singh 8 months ago
how to determine the theorem to use for a specific question in mean value theorem concept?
the mean value theorem generally gives the boundary values of a functions hence if question involves anything about boundary values of a given function use mean value theorem concept.
Himanshu 7 months ago
If x + 1/x = √3.then find x100 + 1/x100.what is the solution
x+1/x= √3 you consider x=cos(teeta)+i sin(teeta) then substitute teeta = 30 degrees then x 100 +1/x 100 =cos(100 teeta) by the complex number concept = cos (3000) = -1/2 thank you
assume that x=w {where w is complex cube root of unity} the substitute x=w in given equation and mark it as equ. then w^100 +1/w^100. since w^3 =1....we can write w^100 as w^99.w^1= w^1 and ...
krunal 18 days ago
x + 1/x = √3 squaring both sides, x^2 + 1/x^2 = √3 – 2 again squaring, x^4 + 1/x^4 = ( √3-2)^2 -2 . . Go on like this on series for up till x^100 + 1/x^100
Vikas TU 28 days ago
I am looking for the solution for following integral dx/x.(x^2n-a^2n)^1/2
Write I = dx/x.(x^2n-a^2n)^1/2 = dx/x.(x^n + a^n)^1/2.(x^n – a^n)^1/2 = A/x + B/(x^n + a^n) + C/(x^n - a^n) Solve it by partially no. n is actually pi in image check it again plz.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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