the equation of the tangent to the circle x2 +y2 +4x -4y+4=0 which make equal intercept on the positive coordinate axes is:

2 years ago


Answers : (1)

                    if tangent is y=mx+c.

Equal intercept means m=-1
perpendicular from center of the circle on tangent is radius.
C=2 root 2
x+y=2 root 2
2 years ago

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if a parabola whose length of latus rectum is 4a touches the coordinate axes the find the locus of its focus
please check the attached file
Sunil Raikwar 5 months ago
Let (h,k) be the focus of the hyperbola, since it touches the axis tangent at the vertex should be and the equation of its directrix should be and the perpendicular distance from direcrtrix...
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Hi Pranjal, There is slight technical issue. Please post these questions again in analytical Geometry. We will upload the answers for the same. askIITians Faculty
sunil raikwar 5 months ago
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Ajay Verma yesterday
Find the equation of the line perpendicular to the line x-7y+5=0 and having x-intercept 3
7x+y-21=0 is the eqn perpendicular and having x-intercept to be 3
VINAYREDDY 8 months ago
Akhil sai 8 months ago
Value of x Image is attached
Ans: Final Solution: Thanks & Regards Jitender Singh IIT Delhi askIITians Faculty
Jitender Singh 23 days ago
Consider a function g(x) which is defined and differentiable on (-8, 8) and increasing in (1,2) and decreasing elsewhere. We construct another function f (x) = g(x) - (g(x))2 + (g(x))3 ....
f(x) = g(x) - (g(x))^2 + (g(x))^3 f'(x) = g'(x) ( 1 - 2 g(x) + 3g(x)^2) Now, 3g(x)^2 - 2g(x) + 1 has Discriminant = 0. Hence, this means that this is either always positive or always...
bharat bajaj 3 months ago
Two forces of 60N and 80N acting at an angle of 60degrees with eath other. Pull an object. What single pull will replace the given forces. What is the direction of the force. The answer is...
Dear student, The resultant force would be given by: The direction would be given by: Now, lets place the 60 N force along the horizontal direction so the 80 N force would be making an angle...
Sumit Majumdar 18 days ago
Hi, your answer is correct and the book one’s too. The difference between the answers is their representation. You are saying 34.7 degrees with the 80 N force and the book says 25.28...
bharat bajaj 19 days ago
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