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the area of the triangle formed by the tangent at the pt. (a,b) to the circle x2 +y2 =r2and the coordinate axis


4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Equation of tangent is 


ax+by-r^2 = 0

In x-y intercept form


x/(r^2/a) + y/(r^2/b) = 1


x-intercept = r^2/b

y-intercept = r^2/b


Area of triangle = 1/2*r^2/b*r^2/b = r4/(2ab)

4 years ago

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A can in the shape of a cone with height 8 cm and radius 5 cm is filled with water. If one fourth of water overows when some spheres with the same radius of 0.5 cm are put into it, nd...
just equate the ¾ vol of cone equals to the number of sphere x vol of a sphere you will get the answer almost 1.
rakesh 5 months ago
Find the equation of the circles passing through (-4,3) and touching the lines x+y=2 and x-y=2.
Expalnation The two lines are perpendicular to each other and are also tangents of the circle. So the intersection point of these two lines lies on the director circle whose radius is 2 0.5 ...
dattatreyamunshi 8 months ago
(x-6) 2 + (y-6) 2 = 26
dattatreyamunshi 8 months ago
Is it correct because one way it says m1/m2 is +ve and ax1+by1+c)/(ax2+by2+c) To negative
Dear Student, Correction is there, On solving the equation, we get – m1/m2. So negative sign is missing over there. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
cos 90
0 OR SIN 90
saibhargav 7 months ago
cos 90=o
KARTHIK 7 months ago
SEELA YUVARAJU 7 months ago
how to find the sum of coefficients of the polynomial expansion
if the polinomial equation can be writen as a binomial expansion then sum of binomial coeficients is C 0 +C 1 + C 2 +.............+C n = 2 n
Dhruva Narayan 2 months ago
Three numbers are chosen at random without replacement from 1 to 10. The probability that the minimum of the chosen number is 3, and their maximum is 7, is?
Alternatively , you can proceed this way. No. of elements in sample space = 10 x 9 x 8 for selection of 3 numbers one by one without replacement. According to the question 3 & 7 must get...
Jayant Kishore 2 months ago
Number of elements in sample space = 10 C 3 =120 According to the question 3 & 7 must get chosen and the third no. should be between them (ie 4 or5 or 6)as per condition . So, no of...
Jayant Kishore 2 months ago
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