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The locus of the centre of the circle for which one end of the diameter is (3,3) while the other end lies on the line x+y=4.

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


let (h,k) be the centre of the circle and other end of diameter be (x1,y1).

h= (x1+3)/2      and        k= (y1+3)/2

or, x1=2h-3       and        y1=2k-3

but (x1,y1) lie on x+y=4,


or, h+k=5

for locus, replace (h,k) by (x,y)..

thus, locus is  x+y=5


3 years ago

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what is delta in conditions for pair of lines?
delta=0 h 2 -ab>0 pair of intersecting at lines h 2 -ab delta is not eq to 0 a=b , h=0 circle h 2 =ab parabola h 2 -ab h 2 -ab>0 hyperbola approve if useful
ng29 5 months ago
delta=abc+2fgh-af 2 -bg 2 -ch 2 =0 for pair f st.lines delta is not zero for parabola,hyperbola,circle,ellipse
noogler 5 months ago
oh really tell me which are those points that are left????????????????????????????????????/
ng29 5 months ago
Find the equation of the circles passing through (-4,3) and touching the lines x+y=2 and x-y=2.
Expalnation The two lines are perpendicular to each other and are also tangents of the circle. So the intersection point of these two lines lies on the director circle whose radius is 2 0.5 ...
dattatreyamunshi one month ago
(x-6) 2 + (y-6) 2 = 26
dattatreyamunshi one month ago
If F(x)=f(x) + f(1/x) and f(x)= 1 ∫ x (ln(t)/(t+1))dt .Find F(e 2 )
Hi, The tough part is the integration here. Put lnt as k and substitute. Upon transforming integral into k k , seperate the numberator and integrate by parts. After the integration find F(X)...
Yash Baheti 8 months ago
I found a simpler way to solve this ,than integration by parts.
viswanath 8 months ago
f(x)=[tan 2 x]
Please post the complete question.
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
What is your question?
Adarsh 2 months ago
How is the magnitude of the scalar triple product is the volume of a parallelopiped formed by adjacent sides given by the three vectors a , b and c . (The bold letters represent vectors)
Hi, When you do AxB, it represents the area of a parallelogram, i.e. a two dimensional figure. But when we take its dot product with the third vector , that means we are taking the component...
Yash Baheti 11 months ago
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