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The radius of the circle having centre at (2,1) whose one chord is the diameter of the circle x2 +y2 -2x-6y+6=0

3 years ago


Answers : (1)



or, (x2-2x+1)+(y2-6y+9)-4=0

or, (x-1)2+(y-3)2=22

thus the radius of the smaller given circle is 2 and its centre is (1,3).

distance b/w the two centres = (1+4)1/2 = 51/2

thus the radius of required circle = (5 + 4)1/2 = 3.

3 years ago

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Hello Student, clearly Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 7 months ago
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Ravi 11 days ago
Thank you so much Sir!!!
Utkarsh 10 days ago
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Y RAJYALAKSHMI 7 months ago
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Sher Mohammad 7 months ago
answer is b
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Jitender Singh 5 months ago
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