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The radius of the circle having centre at (2,1) whose one chord is the diameter of the circle x2 +y2 -2x-6y+6=0

4 years ago


Answers : (1)



or, (x2-2x+1)+(y2-6y+9)-4=0

or, (x-1)2+(y-3)2=22

thus the radius of the smaller given circle is 2 and its centre is (1,3).

distance b/w the two centres = (1+4)1/2 = 51/2

thus the radius of required circle = (5 + 4)1/2 = 3.

4 years ago

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If the distance between the directrix and focus of a parabola is 4,then find the length of latus rectum of parabola?Plzzzz answer soon!
Distance between the directrix and focus of a parabola=2a here,2a=4, a=2 and length of latus rectum=4a=8unit
Arif Hossain 5 months ago
parabola is symmetric in y axis with vertex at origin directrix is given by x+a,(a.0) is focus. Distance b/t focus&directrix is a+a/1=2a. now 2a=4&a=2,giving latus rectum 4*a=8
AMARNATH.R 5 months ago
find the slope of a line having coordinates (2,5) and (6,4).
Slope will be (4-5)/(6-2) i.e. (-1)/4 or -1/4. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 5 months ago
slope is equal to y 2 minus y 1 divide by x 2 minus x 1 therefore slope here is equal to ( minus1 by 4. thanks and please approve post if any query
SAHIL 5 months ago
given (2,5) and (6,4). we know slope m= y 2 -y 1 / x 2 -x 1 by using that formula slope m=-1/4 thank you very much all the best
Is Dr. kc sinha good for coordinate geometry for preparing iit jee ? from your point of view which book you thought best for coordinate geometry?
in my view sl loney coordinate geometry is the best book for coordinate geometry as it covers all topic required for iitjjee and many previous year questions have come directly from this...
Himanshu 10 months ago
His book is really good to build concepts. However, to practice more problems similar to what would be asked in IIT JEE, you need to take help from study material of reputed coachings like...
Nishant Sinha 10 months ago
in my opinion you must try arihant intead of k.c.sinha... as it has proved to be one of the best books in market since many years
satyam 10 months ago
Find the derivative of f(x) = x 3 -x using the definition of derivative ?
The given function is f(x) = x 3 -x Now we calculate the difference quotient f(x+h) – f(x) / h = [(x+h) 3 - (x+h)] – [x 3 -x] / h 3x 2 +3xh+h 2 -1 lim h-0 3x 2 +3xh+h 2 -1 = 3x 2 - 1
Mounik 5 months ago
what are tensor quantities? please explain examples for tensorquantities
Hey Tensor quantities are those quantities which are neither vector nor scalar. Example: Moment of Inertia
Sudeshna Chaudhuri 6 months ago
How many distinct values of 𝑥 satisfy the equation sin(𝑥) = 𝑥/2, where 𝑥 is in radians? (A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4 or more
plot the graph of sin(x) and x/2. From just observing it we can see that it intersects at 3 points and hence the answer is 3.
Riddhish Bhalodia 5 months ago
they give sin(x)=x/2 0 is the one solution because sin(0)=0 so one solution exist for this question if you take pi/2 or pi/4 you have to p[rove that sin pi/2=pi/4 or sin pi/8=pi/16 which is ...
SREEKANTH 2 months ago
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