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there are many ways of solving que stions and i got puzzled in test . tell me a book to make bas e. as i do questions of one topic next day i think that would i able to do those question again or i will do them in test or not? give me some tips........

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Gaurav

study with attentive mind. first do some solved problems and see the application of concepts carefully then try to do problems on your own. first do the simple problems and then move to next level problems. you can refer arihant books.

All the best.




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4 years ago

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If the distance between circumcentre and orthocentre of triangle whose vertices are (1,5) (2,3) (4,4) is k/√10 then sum of abscissa of points which are k distance away from the point (3,2)...
A (1,5) B (2,3) C (4,4) AB= √5 units BC=√5 units AC= √10 units Hence given triangle is right angled triangle ( AB 2 + BC 2 = AC 2 ) at B Orthocenter is B only CIrcumcenter...
Harsh Patodia 8 months ago
ABCD is rectangle and P is a point moving inside it. What does d(P, AB)
Hello Student, Please post the full question again. Your question is not so clear. Thanks,...
Nishant Vora 7 months ago
Find an equation of the angle bisector of the obtuse angles formed by the lines 2x+6y= 9 and x-3y= -2. sketch the given lines and angle bisector.
Hi student, 2x+6y + 9 =0 and x-3y + 2 =0 so a 1 a 2 + b 1 b 2 = 2*1 + 6*(-3) = 2 – 18 = -16 <0 So negative sign will give me obtuse angle bisector So Now you can simplify the above...
Nishant Vora 6 months ago
could anyone explain me exponential and logarithmic series and tautology part from mathematical giving suitable eamples...
mansi , dont waste ur time on understanding the series expansion ,u have to just learn it ,as they are useful in specific types of questions , but u can also solve them by using lhospital...
ng29 8 days ago
hey mansi dont get disappointed and depressed , just chill and aim high to get good score u have 2 days just revise the syllabi and focus on ur weak areas revise organic and inorganic...
ng29 8 days ago
if u think that ur notes are to the point and sufficient for ur exam as u had done arihant or can check from askiitians also if they are helpful for u i am mentioning some books if u have...
ng29 8 days ago
for non-coplanar vectors a,b and c, the relation (a*b).c=a b c holds if
they are mutually perpendicular
Shubham Singh 27 days ago
if G is centroid of triangleABC and if G1 be the centroid of another trianglePQR show that AP(vector)+BQ(vector)+CR(vector)=3(G)(G1)
The capital letters denote the position vectors of the points: G = A + B + C/3 G1 = P + Q + R/3 3(G-G1) = A-P + B - Q + C - R 3GG1 = AP + BQ + CR Thanks Bharat Bajaj askiitians faculty IIT...
bharat bajaj one year ago
The capital letters denote the position vectors of the points: G = A + B + C/3 G1 = P + Q + R/3 3(G-G1) = A-P + B - Q + C - R 3GG1 = AP + BQ + CR Thanks Bharat Bajaj
bharat bajaj one year ago
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