there are many ways of solving que stions and i got puzzled in test . tell me a book to make bas e. as i do questions of one topic next day i think that would i able to do those question again or i will do them in test or not? give me some tips........

3 years ago


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Dear Gaurav

study with attentive mind. first do some solved problems and see the application of concepts carefully then try to do problems on your own. first do the simple problems and then move to next level problems. you can refer arihant books.

All the best.




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3 years ago

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find the eccentricity of the ellipse whose foci are (2,4) and (14,9) and touches the x axis
since ellipse touches the x-axis, therefore x-axis is a tangent to the ellipse. The product of the perpendicular distance is equal to square of the semi minor. Therefore b 2 =9*4=36 distance...
Sunil Raikwar 5 months ago
Tangents are drawn from the point (α,β) to the hyperbola 3x 2 -2y 2 =6 and are inclined at angles θ and φ to the x-axis. If tanθ.tanφ =2, prove that β 2...
please check the attached file
Sunil Raikwar 5 months ago
Hi Pranjal, There is slight technical issue. Please post these questions again in analytical Geometry. We will upload the answers for the same. askIITians Faculty
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Given equation is Equations of tangents are the roots of this equation is therefore Thanks &Regards, Sunil Raikwar, askIITians faculty.
sunil raikwar 5 months ago
if pair of lines ax^2+2hxy+by^2+2gx+2fy+c=0 intersect on y axis then ... a.2fgh=hg^2+ch^2 b.hg^2 not equal to ch^2 d.none of these
A pair of equations intersecting on the y-axis is given by: (px+my+n)(qx+my+n)=0. You can see that by putting x=0 in each factor on the LHS, and observing that the y-coordinate is the same....
bharat bajaj 3 months ago
Is pedal triangle in JEE syllabus?
Hello Student, No pedal triangle is not in JEE syllabus. Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 20 days ago
solve for x sin4x+sin2x-sin6x=0
hi prajwal you made a slight mistake sin4x+sin2x-sin6x is not equal to 2cos3xsinx + 2sinxcox you have paired sin 4x and sin 2x then applied the identity you got 2 cos 3x sinx then what you...
jitender lakhanpal one year ago
2cos3xsinx + 2sinxcox=0 =>sinx=0 =>x= npi...................... n is 1,2,3............ Also, 2cos3x + cosx=0 8cos 3 x-5cosx=0 cosx=0 => x is...
Prajwal kr one year ago
jitender lakhanpal one year ago
find the value of integral f(x)=(vcosx-cos³x)dx in the interval ((-p÷2),(p÷2))
sher mohammad B.Tech, IIT Delhi.
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
plz give complete solution and explanation.
lokesh palingi 4 months ago
plz give complete solution
lokesh palingi 4 months ago
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