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there are many ways of solving que stions and i got puzzled in test . tell me a book to make bas e. as i do questions of one topic next day i think that would i able to do those question again or i will do them in test or not? give me some tips........

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Gaurav

study with attentive mind. first do some solved problems and see the application of concepts carefully then try to do problems on your own. first do the simple problems and then move to next level problems. you can refer arihant books.

All the best.




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4 years ago

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If the distance between circumcentre and orthocentre of triangle whose vertices are (1,5) (2,3) (4,4) is k/√10 then sum of abscissa of points which are k distance away from the point (3,2)...
A (1,5) B (2,3) C (4,4) AB= √5 units BC=√5 units AC= √10 units Hence given triangle is right angled triangle ( AB2 + BC2 = AC2) at B Orthocenter is B only CIrcumcenter for...
Harsh Patodia 10 months ago
Question given in the attached image . Difficulty in finding the locus of the intersecting points of the two tangents .
equation of tangent at an eccentric angle k is (x/a)cosk+(y/b)sink=0 equation of tangent at an eccentric angle k+90 0 is -(x/a)sink+(y/b)cosk=0 solving the above equations we get point of...
Nicho priyatham one month ago
The sum of the distance of a point P from two perpendicular lines in a plane is 1, then the locus of P
Let the perpendiculars lines be the x – axis and y – axis. The sum of the distances from the the point P (x, y) is 1. ie. |x| + |y| = 1 – this is the locus of the point P which would be the ...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI 3 months ago
A closed conical vessel is filled with water fully and is placed with its vertex down. Thewater is let out at a constant speed. After 21 minutes it was found that the height of thewater...
let the height of cone be ‘h’ and radius be ‘r’ Volume of water is (1/3) r 2 h. After 21min height of water becomes ‘h/2’.Applying simiar trianles concept in the cone, we get new radius as...
AP GAUTHAM 9 months ago
I’m sorry it’s not showing “pi” at all.
AP GAUTHAM 9 months ago
can you explain with steps pls
poojahariharan 9 months ago
x + 1/x – 2 = 0 x =
x+1=0(x-2)...........x=-1 it is easy.i think u should try these kind of sums urself :)
noogler one month ago
x + 1/x + 2 = 0 (x 2 + 1 + 2x) /x = 0 x 2 + 1 + 2x = 0 (x + 1) 2 = 0 x + 1 = 0 x = – 1
A M S ARUN KRISHNA one month ago
x+1/x=2 S O B S x.x+1/x.1/x=2 by equating both equations x=i
ashish one month ago
limit x tends to 0 e^(-x 2 /2) – cosx = ? x 3 sinx
answer is 1/12 best method for these type of questions is series expansion when we use series of e x , sinx , cosx , value of limit will be coefficient of x 4 , as x is tending to 0 and all ...
ng29 2 months ago
you can solve the given question by using lhospital very useful and time saving rather series expansion 0/0 form is obtained diffrentiate until you are out of the form finally put x=0 the...
grenade 2 months ago
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