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find the equation of a circle which passes through the origin and cuts off chords of length 4 and 6 on the positive x axis and y axis resp

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


let equation of circle be x^2 +y^2 +2gx+2fy+c.............eq1

 as circle passes through origen therefore c=0

 x intersept is given by 2(g^2-c)^1/2 =4

 y intersept is given by 2(f^2-c)^1/2 =6

  we get (g,f)=(+_2,+_3)

   now eq1 becomes

                              x^2 + y^2  +_4x  +_6y =0 is the required circle

6 years ago

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Question number 3,4 & 5....guys need help...plz solve
Dear Piyush, Sorry, But Your question is incomplete or Your attachement is missing. plz check again and re-upload re-post your question. Thankyou!
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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