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With respect to a particular question on a multiple choice test (having 4 alternatives with only 1 correct) a student  knows  and  therefore can elimlnate 3 of the 4 choices from consideration with probability 2/3 , can eliminate  2 of the 4 choices from consideration wid probability 1/6, can eliminate 1 choice from consideration wirh probability 1/9  and can eliminate none with probability 1/18 . If the student knows the answer , he answers correctly otherwise he guesses from among the choices not eliminated.

If the answer given by the student was found correct . then the probability that he knew the answer is a/b where 'a' and 'b' are relatively prime . find the value of (a+b).

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


a/b = (2/3)*1/(((2/3)"1)+0,5(1/6)+(1/9)(1/3)+(1/18)(1/4)) = 144/173, therefore a+b = 317

6 years ago

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Let abc be sides of triangle . No two are equal and € belongs to real numbers.If roots of x.x +2(a+b+c)x+3€(ab+bc+ca)=0 are real. Then range of€=?
In triangles we have the inequality which can be written as The left inequality arises from and the right inequality from the triangle inequalities squared i.e. and summing up. If then the...
mycroft holmes 2 months ago
For roots to be real its Discriminant should be greater than equal to zero. It should not be imaginary. Hence, 4(a+b+c)^2 – 12 €(ab+bc+ca) greater than equal to zero.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
a^(2)+2b^(2)+2016c^(2)-3ab-4033bc+2017ac=0 find value of a and b and c
Sorry for not having an appealing solution to this. But by inspection one of the solution is a=b=c=0. And other solution can be c=0 which reduces the expressio to a² + 2b² - 3ab = 0 which...
2017 years ago
prove that root 3 is irrational number?
P and Q are natural numbers, and hence in the prime factorization of P 2 and Q 2 , every prime factor appears to an even power. Now in the equation P 2 =3Q 2 we have a contradiction as LHS...
mycroft holmes one month ago
prove that for all p,q that equation not satisfies. and send post the answer . need proof for that, how do I conclude that is not going to satisfy by directly telling so just post it
WE NEED TO PROVE THAT FOR ALL P,Q SUCH THAT P 2 =3Q 2 DOESN’T EXIST WHERE P,Q BELONGS TO Z. so justify ur answer with proper reason ….
Problem 6...................... Just to reach minimum character limit)
Call the intersection of PF and DQ as G. Since Ang GFE+ Ang GDE = 180 0 , GFED is a cyclic quad and hence G also lies on the incircle. Now join FD. Let Ang FED = b. Then it easily follows...
mycroft holmes 6 days ago
Please clear my confusion about find value of tan7.5 °.
Yaa... tan15°=2tan7.5°∕1-tan²7.5° ⇒2-√3=2tan7.5°/1-tan²7.5° . By solving this eq i got value of tan7.5°= (√2-1)(2+√3) . But Ans is (√3-√2)(√2-1). How?
ANKIT ANAND one month ago
What`s your confusion with tan7.5° .Kindly elaborate that where you have stuck?.If you will elaborate then I can help you better.
Sagar Gupta one month ago
@ ankit u have to apply the following formula sin ( a/2 ) = [(1-cosa)/2] ^ ½ cos a/2 = [(1+cosa)/2] ^ ½ tan 2a = [2 tan a ] / [1+tan square (a) ] answer is = root6-root3 +(root 2 ) -2 HOPE...
Umakant biswal one month ago
why noble prise is not be given in math
I’m assuming you mean Nobel Prize.. This is a very interesting question.. There have been several theories about this...An early theory that jealousy led Nobel to omit a prize to...
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon one year ago
THERE IS AMYTH BEFORE THIS The reason there is no Nobel Price for Mathematics is because Alfred Nobel’s fiancée wife had an affair with a mathematician. You’d be hard pressed to take any...
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya one year ago
hii friends, to get noble in mathematics I’m assuming you mean Nobel Prize.. This is a very interesting question.. There have been several theories about this...An early theory that...
manmath 8 months ago
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