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find all six digited no. abcd66 which are perfect squares.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

										Hello student,
Please find the answer to your question below
Number format is :abcd66 .
Now it should be between 100066 to 999966 .
So number should lie between 316 and 999 . (app root of above number .)
Now we can write this as (a*100 + b)2 ,where b is less than 100. Now it will totally depend on b .
We know that from 1 to 100 , square of no number ends with 66 .
because unit digit is 6 means that number should end with 4 or 6 .
square of numbers ending with 4 or 6 last 2 digit will 16 ,36,56,76 or 96 .
So there is no number which is satisfying this criteria .
Hope this would have cleared your doubt .
2 years ago

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Its answer lies in you u are confused that what is the value of 0÷0. Its value is not defined or non existent so nothing can be said about 0÷0. Also any number divided by...
Gundeep Singh one month ago
If x+1/x =5 and x^2+1/x^3=8 then x^3+1/x^2 is equal to ?
Harsh Patodia one month ago
in an ap the first term is 1, if second term, tenth term and thirty-fourth terms forms a GP, then what is the fourth term of the GP series?
here, a1=1 and 2,10,34 are forming gp. so we can write a2= a+d, a10= a+9d, and a34= a+33d. now its given that they are forming gp so by property we can write, (a+9d)square= (a+d)(a+33d)....
krunal 2 months ago
t1 = 1 t2 = 1+d t10 = 1 + 9d t34 = 1 + 33d these are all in G.P. then, t2/t1 = t34/t10 solve for d and thewrite t4 = 1 + 3d thus.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
For what values of 'a' will the tangents drawn to the parabola y 2 = 4ax from a point, not on the y axis, will be normal to the parabola x 2 =4y.
tangent for y^2 =4ax=> 2ydy/dx = 4a or dy/dx = 2a/y = m (let) and tangent for x^2 = 4y 2x = 4dy/dx dy/dx = x/2 = n (let) Now given, m * n = -1 we get, y = – ax put it in y^2 = 4ax eqn. we...
Vikas TU 18 days ago
f(x)=[tan 2 x]
Please post the complete question.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
What is your question?
Adarsh one year ago
If p/a + q/b + r/c = 0 and a/p + b/q +c/r = 1 then the value of (p/a) 2 + (q/b) 2 + (r/c) 2 = ?
Dear Student, Using (a+b+c) 2 = a 2 + b 2 + c 2 + 2(ab+bc+ca). final answer will be -2(pqr/abc). Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 8 months ago
dear friends r u want the answer 4r this questoin then see my answer + 2(ab+bc+ca).final answer will be -2(pqr/abc). 2 + c 2 + b 2 = a 2 Using (a+b+c)
manmath 8 months ago
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