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Sir please post the solution of the following problem _

Q:-If n is a root of the equation x2(1-ac)-x(a2+c2)-(1+ac)=0 and if n HM's are inserted between a & c. Show that the difference between the first & the last mean is equal to ac(a-c)

6 years ago


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6 years ago

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if the roots of the equation ax^2 +bx +c=0 be (k+1)/k k+2/k+1 then (a+b+c)^2
(a+b+c)^2 = m Take a^2 common then it would it become: (1 – (-b/a) + (c/a) )^2 = m/a^2. and also figure out as: |x – y| = (b^2 – 4ac)/a^2 as one eqn. where x and y be roots. write sum of...
Vikas TU one month ago
let – 1≤ p ≤1 .Show that the equation 4x 3 -3x-p=0 has a unique root in the interval [-1/2, 1] and identify it. Ans: x= cos {1/3 cos -1 (p)}
Firstly the question is wrong , the interval in which root will be unique is [1/2, 1] instead of [-1/2, 1]. The equation can be written as 4x 3 -3x = p Draw the graph of of function y =...
Ajay 2 months ago
First find f(-0.5) and f(1) in terms of p. And suit the domain for p lyng in [-1,1] and check relation in f(-0.5) and f(1). Next step is to proove the function is continuous and...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
WHAT IS THE SPAN OF A SET................................................?
In linear algebra, the linear span (also called the linear hull or just span ) of a set of vectors in a vector space is the intersection of all subspaces containing that set . The linear...
T Dileep 3 months ago
DEAR NAG, The linear span (also called the linear hull or just span) of a set of vectors in a vector space is the intersection of all subspaces containing that set. It is very useful thing.
SAI SARDAR 3 months ago
Show that the semi latus rectum of the parabola y^2=4ax is the harmonic mean between the segments of any focal chord.
let the coordinates of end points for the focal chord drawn of the parabola be: P(at1^2,2at) and Q (at2^2, 2at2) respectively. SP = a+ at1^2 = > a (1+ t1^2) SQ = a(1 + t2^2) Now write SQ in ...
Vikas TU one month ago
Range of f(x)=cos 2 x(cos 2 x+1)+2sin 2 x is... Please explain each step.
Write cos 2 x(cos 2 x+1)+2sin 2 x as: (cos ^4 x+cos^2x)+2sin 2 x Now, (cos ^4 x+cos^2x)+2 – 2cos^2x => cos^4x – cos^2x + 2 =>cos^4x + 1 + sin^2x Range = > [2,2]
Vikas TU one month ago
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