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				   Which book is the best of the 3 - TMH Winning series, ML Khanna and MTG Publications for preparing Algebra for JEE 2011. Also please suggest the same for Coordinate Geometry. 

PLease suggest the best book in your opinion for algebra and Coordinate Geometry.

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


ml khanna and mtg both r good books but first compleate ml then try sl loney for coordinate and hall n knight for algebra

6 years ago
										Hi Aakriti 

The best books for different subjects are :

1 R.D. Sharma Maths XI & XII
2 S. L. Loney Trigonometry
3 S. L. Loney Co-ordinate Geometry
4 Hall Knight Higher Algebra
5 I.A. Maron Problems in Calculus of One Variable
6 Arihant Algebra
7 Arihant Differential Calculus
8 Arihant Integral Calculus

6 years ago

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in an ap the first term is 1, if second term, tenth term and thirty-fourth terms forms a GP, then what is the fourth term of the GP series?
here, a1=1 and 2,10,34 are forming gp. so we can write a2= a+d, a10= a+9d, and a34= a+33d. now its given that they are forming gp so by property we can write, (a+9d)square= (a+d)(a+33d)....
krunal 2 months ago
t1 = 1 t2 = 1+d t10 = 1 + 9d t34 = 1 + 33d these are all in G.P. then, t2/t1 = t34/t10 solve for d and thewrite t4 = 1 + 3d thus.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
sir please tell what is the integration of sin9x / sinx?
jagdish singh singh 2 months ago
A ray of light coming from the point (1,2) is reflected at a point A on the y-axis and then passes through the point (5,3). What are the co-ordinates of point A?
Dear Student Here you should take three cases Case (1) Point is at origin, Case (2) Point is above origin (0,y) , y>0 Case (3) Point is below origin (0,y), y<0 And for all the three...
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
Find the reflection of point (1,2) w.r.t y-axis. By simple geometry you will find that point of reflection of (1,2) i.e. (-1,2) , point A and (5,3) are collinear. So you can easily find the ...
Bhasker Goel 3 months ago
if A+B=C then magnitude of B? (where A,B,C are vectors)
( C.B - A.B ) 1/2 is magnitude of B A + B = C A.B + B.B = C.B
noogler one year ago
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