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Q.1.Let a,b,c be real.ax2+bx+c has real roots alpha and beta (alpha>beta).Find the condition on the roots,in relation to p,so that (p2)+(c/a) +(p).mod(b/a)<0.

7 years ago


Answers : (1)

										(alpha, beta =A,B for convenience)

p^2 + c/a +p.mod(b/a) < 0
=>p^2 + A*B +p.mod(A+B) < 0

Case1 - A+B > 0
p^2 + A*B +p(A+B) < 0
which is a quadratic in itself, and is 0 at p=-A,-B.
=> -A < p < -B (from wavy curve)

Case2 - A+B < 0
p^2 + A*B - p(A+B) < 0
p^2 + A*B - p(A+B)= 0 for p=A,B
=> B< p
7 years ago

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