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				   At a certain stage of a criminal investigation, the inspector in-charge is 60% convince of the guilt of a certain suspect. Suppose now a piece of evidence that shows the criminal has brown hair is uncovered. If the inspector in-charge is convinced that the suspect is not guilty then there is 20% chance that he/she has brown hair. What is the probability that the inspector in-charge is convinced that the suspect is guilty given he/she has brown hair?

4 years ago


Answers : (1)

										Hello student,
Please find the answer to your question below
This is then used to update the inspector's belief in the suspect's guilt posterior to discovering that the suspect does have that characteristic.
So the probability that the inspector in-charge is convinced that the suspect is guilty given he/she has brown hair is 0.882
one year ago

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Give an example of a sequence {an} such that it passes three limit points.[Hint:Example of a sequence {an} passes two limits is {(-1)^n}]
First off, a limit point for a real number sequence is a real number that has infinitely many terms at any distance from it (i.e. in any epsilon neighbourhood). This is a relaxed condition...
mycroft holmes 7 months ago
1,-1,1,1,-1,1/2, 1,-1,1/3,.... i.e. the sequence given by a n = 1 if n=3k+1 = -1 if n = 3k+2 = 1/k if n = 3k has infinitely many terms that are in any neighbourhood of 1,-1, and 0. Hence...
mycroft holmes 8 months ago
can you please explain it......
MOHAMMAD AFROZ 8 months ago
plz can u give me solution of q48 and q49
q49. Sn will be equal to coff. of x in : (1+1/x) n .(1+x) n = ∑ n C i * n C i+1 (that is power x i+1 from second bracket multiplied by power x i of first, and i varying from 0 to n-1....
Akshay 9 months ago
will be the series in question. n . cofficient of x 2n-2i (-1) j (1+x) i C n = ∑ n -1) 2 q48. Assume ((x+1) Expand (x+1) 2 in LHS and solve. ATB.
Akshay 9 months ago
q48. Assume ((x+1) 2 -1) n = ∑ n C i (1+x) 2n-2i . cofficient of x n will be the series in question. Expand (x+1) 2 in LHS and solve. ATB.
Akshay 9 months ago
number of values of x belongs to N for which x 4 +4 is prime. plz help me out
If x is even then obviously the number is not prime Hence the unit place of x should be 1,3,5,7,9 and for unit place 1,3,7,9 x 4 has unit place = 1 and hence x 4 +4 will have unit place =5...
Riddhish Bhalodia 7 days ago
x 4 +4 = (x 2 +2x+2)(x 2 -2x+2) The first factor is at least 3 when x is natural. The second factor equals 1 only when x=1. Checking back we see that when x=1, the expression equals 5 which ...
mycroft holmes 6 days ago
Thanks sir, But i did not get why for units place as 5 x 4 +4 will not be prime?? What i think is that when we pu the units place as 5 we will get the ans with the unit 9 which can be prime
Ankit Jaiswal 7 days ago
Natural logarithms are different than common logarithms . While the base of a common logarithm is 10, the base of a natural logarithm is the special number e. Although this looks like a...
Amruta Parab 5 months ago
Construct a quadilateral ABCD.COnstruct another Quadrilateral AB’C’D’ similarlto the quadrilateral ABCD with each side 4/5th of the side of quadrilateral ABCD PLS. reply as soon as possible ...
Dear Student, For any given quadrilateral ABCD, First consider side AB and convert this side into AB’ which is 4/5th of AB. Now Join BD and from B’ draw parallel to BD to...
Vijay Mukati one month ago
tan(10) ?
SAI SARDAR 7 months ago
SEELA YUVARAJU 7 months ago
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