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find the area of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in an isosceles triangle of base10ft. and area 30 square ft


4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Thats 15 sq. feet (according to me)

let the length of the part of base, not included in side of Rectangle be X both side and the vertical side length be Y......


Now the rectangle has side lengths, Y and 10-2X.......

now use similar triangle property to find relation b/w Y and X

i.e. Y=6X/5

Hence area = XxY = 6X/5x(10-2X)

Use dA/dX=0 to get X=5/2

Therefore, A=15................Cool

4 years ago

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How to apply telescopic series in series involving sine of angles
suppose your seies is : sin x + sin 2x + sin 3x..........sin nx, multiply and divide by sin x/2, use sin x * sin y = ½ * (cos(x-y) – cos(x+y) ), sin x * sinx/2 = 0.5 * cos(x/2) – 0.5 *...
Akshay 9 months ago
se sin x * sin y = ½ * (cos(x-y) – cos(x+y) ), sin x * sinx/2 = 0.5 * cos(x/2) – 0.5 * cos(1.5x), sin 2x * sin x/2 = 0.5 * cos(1.5 x) – 0.5*cos(2.5 x), sin 3x * sin x/2 = 0.5 * cos(2.5 x) – ...
manu 2 months ago
or if you want to do it using exponentials, write sin ax =1/2 * (e iax -e -iax ), u will get two geomtric series, one for +ve powers of exp, other for negative powers. apply sum of gm...
Akshay 9 months ago
explain :|z-4|3
Hii the question is incomplete .Kindly repost the question and we will get back at you
Sourabh Singh 24 days ago
Dear student, The question is incomplete. Pls post correct question again Thanks
Nishant Vora 24 days ago
best book for complete theory of probability for iit jee
Gone are the days of books buy our self study package wherein we give recorded Video Lecture and Video solutions to 30 question from probability at a minimum price in market go to this link...
Nishant Vora 5 months ago
This is wrong advice to give. Golden rule in mathematics is to ‘learn from the masters’ i.e. read their textbooks. You can market the study packges (which by the way tends to be material...
mycroft holmes 5 months ago
best book for calculus for jee main and advanced 1)thomas calculus or 2)Calculus - Early Transcendentals or some other books.
Arihant series, Problems in Calculus of One Variable,I.A. Maron Calculus,J. Edward
Avinash 9 months ago
hi there! i’m stuck n solving this one using the miracle substitution(weistrass).integral of 1/(sinx(3+2cosx). i am using this as this makes everything simple. but i dont know if there are...
hey take tan(x/2)=t, then sinx= 2t/(1+t^2) and cosx= (1-t^2)/ (1+t^2) and dx=2dt/(1+t^2), ur integral will become ∫ 2dt/(2t*(3+2(1-t^2)))= ∫ dt/(t(5-2t^2)) . This u can solve by partial...
Niranjan 4 months ago
what is degree of differential equation sin(dy/dx)=0
Degree is not defined in this representation , but if you represent in dy/dx = 0 .Yes the degree will be 1.
Sourabh Singh 6 days ago
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