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find the area of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in an isosceles triangle of base10ft. and area 30 square ft


3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Thats 15 sq. feet (according to me)

let the length of the part of base, not included in side of Rectangle be X both side and the vertical side length be Y......


Now the rectangle has side lengths, Y and 10-2X.......

now use similar triangle property to find relation b/w Y and X

i.e. Y=6X/5

Hence area = XxY = 6X/5x(10-2X)

Use dA/dX=0 to get X=5/2

Therefore, A=15................Cool

3 years ago

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could anyone explain me exponential and logarithmic series and tautology part from mathematical giving suitable eamples...
mansi , dont waste ur time on understanding the series expansion ,u have to just learn it ,as they are useful in specific types of questions , but u can also solve them by using lhospital...
ng29 11 days ago
may god bless you
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ishita one month ago
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plz. answer the attached question of probability. and also name the rule or theorem that will be used. thanks.
hii You can use Baye’s Theorem of Probability in order to solve this question
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sufi digital 2 months ago
help image attached …..please
from the question itself, Lt(x--->5) (f(x)) 2 -9 = 0 hence f(5)=3 or -3 but range of f(x) is[0,infinite) hence f(x) = 3
srikar 6 months ago
you did this by cross multiplication
milind 6 months ago
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please give some easy method as i am in class 11 th this iss going above my head or can u just explain it
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