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lt(x->1) (x^x-x)/(x-(1+log x))

3 years ago


Answers : (3)



3 years ago

apply lhospitalno second thought

3 years ago

Is it 2

3 years ago

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charan 2 months ago
OUTPASS 2 months ago
x+y+z=30 and use only 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 and what is the x,y,z values?
since sum of 3 odd numbers will be odd u cant directly use these numbers. ans: 3! +11+13 try using factorials
Nithya 3 months ago
gud answer
srikanth kodari 3 months ago
best book for complete theory of probability for iit jee
Gone are the days of books buy our self study package wherein we give recorded Video Lecture and Video solutions to 30 question from probability at a minimum price in market go to this link...
Nishant Vora 6 days ago
This is wrong advice to give. Golden rule in mathematics is to ‘learn from the masters’ i.e. read their textbooks. You can market the study packges (which by the way tends to be material...
mycroft holmes 5 days ago
What is polar and pole of a circle?
a given circle , reciprocation in a circle means the transformation of each point in the plane into its polar line and each line in the plane into its pole .
SHANMUKESHWAR 2 months ago
How to find the orthocentre of a right angled triangle with side length 3,4,5 and passing through O(0,0) ?
the orthocenter of the right angled triangle lies on the vertex cantaining the right angle.......this is a shortcut for calculating the orthocenter,,,,,,,,,,,,,hence in the above question...
Himanshu 26 days ago
sin θ=cosθ then θ=?
sin θ=cosθ*1 sinθ/cosθ=1 tan θ=1 tanθ=tan45 θ=45
RAJU 2 months ago
45 degrees
kalyan 2 months ago
45 Degrees
SAIMANIKANTA 2 months ago
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