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lt(x->1) (x^x-x)/(x-(1+log x))

3 years ago


Answers : (3)



3 years ago

apply lhospitalno second thought

3 years ago

Is it 2

3 years ago

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Please can someone explain by venn diagrams how independent and mutually exclusive events are different.
Dear Student, Mutually Exclusive events will be shown by non intersecting area in the Veen diagrams. Whereas, For independent events they may or may not intersect each other but they follow...
Vijay Mukti 2 days ago
i cant get an idea to solve problems in complex numbers . suggest me an idea
Hi could you please give more details about the kind of doubts you have? The best method of course would be practicing with solved examples first and then slowly moving onto unsolved ones...
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 12 days ago
i cannot do the sums on ` this equation represents -----------------`
Sarathchandra Lavu 11 days ago
if a and b are the roots of the equation x^2-px +(p+1)=0 then the area of the triangle whose vertices are (0,0),(p/a,p) and (-p/a,p) is
Hint. find the sum and product of roots from the given equation. Then find the area of triangle through the given coordinates (Area = (1/2)*base*altitute). Then relate the two. Thanks.
Vijay Mukti 9 days ago
how to calculte the determinant value of 2 rows and 3 col of values?
Hi student.. . . . Determinant is defined only for square matrices in which number of rows and columns is same. For the above case, determinant does not apply....
Harsh Patodia 9 months ago
what is the use of logarithm
For example, the base 10 logarithm of 100 is 2, indicating that 10 raised to the 2nd power is 100. Given this definition, we can immediately see how logarithms are useful -- if we need to...
grenade one month ago
Some common uses of logarithms include Logarithmic scales Sometimes you only care about how big a number is relative to other numbers. The Richter, decibel, and pH scales are good examples. ...
grenade one month ago
log function has many use to multiply and divide numbers very easily which u do in physics labs to evaulate limit of 1 infinit type to evulate integrals p h scales etc
Nicho priyatham one month ago
ques is in image
For the system in static equilibrium, calculate the force along horizontally and vertically.
Saurabh Kumar 3 months ago
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