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The number of ways of accomodating 7 guests in 3 rooms so thst no room is empty is

a)1260   b)1440   c)1708   d)1806

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


3^7 - 3*2^7 + 3*1^7 = 2187 - 384 + 3 = 1806


Inclusion-Exclusion principle.


7 guests go into 3 rooms (1 and 2 rooms can be empty) - 7 guests go into 2 rooms (1 and 2 rooms can be empty) + 7 guests go into 1 room (This was excluded twice)

4 years ago

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if sum of first p terms of a.p series is q and sum of first q series is p then what is sum of first (p+q) terms
Dear student, Lets assume First term = a and common difference = d So , a + (p-1)d = q ….….…...(1) and a + (q-1)d = p ….….…...(2) From these 2 eqn...
Nishant Vora 5 months ago
The “expert’s “ answer is incorrect. Solution is given below: The sum of first n terms AP is of the form an 2 +bn for some constants a,b We are given ap 2 +bp = q aq 2 +bq = p Subtracting,...
mycroft holmes 5 months ago
x 2 +2x+1=0,x=?
for this question is the expansion is x^2+2x+1=0 for u have put x= -1 in that equqtion you will get 0 so x= -1 value is satisfies the equation so that the answer is x= -1 thank u boss
AMMANANNA 13 days ago
roots for the equation ( x 2 +2x+1) is x=-1 this equation also written as (x+1)^2=0 that implies x+1=0 therefore x=-1
OUTPASS 7 months ago
The equation of common tangent of the parabolas y^2=32x and x^2=108y
first write the equation of tan gent in slope form for both the parabolas i.e y=mx+a/m -1 and x=my+a/m -2 now compare the cofficients of x,y,m,a get the value of m and put in and get the...
ashu 9 months ago
Two sides rhombus ABCD are parallel to the lines y=x+2 and y=7x+3.if the diagonals of the rhombus intersect at the point(1,2)& the vertex A is on yhe y axis,find the possible coordinates of ...
The answer should be c=0,2.5 Assume A(0,c). Now opposite sides in rhombus are parallel and all sides are equal length. Or to check if a quardilateral is rhombus, it is sufficient to show...
Akshay 9 months ago
Alternative solutions will be to use vectors, Let A(0,c). Assume side length=d. AC will be = (1-0) i +(2-c) j, Line AD can be in 1 st or 2 nd quardent, Point B = (0 i + c j) + d/rt(2) * (i...
Akshay 9 months ago
How to prove tan A = 2 tan B + cot B Thanks for the help in advance.
Dear Achal, Very sorry, for at first I thought you were a 10 th grader. As I am one, I thought simple maths would help. But considering the fact that you are an 11 th grader, there does...
Arun 6 months ago
Thanks, Arun. If you google "2 tan b + cot b" the very first link is JEE Main Mathematics by Prem Kumar, and clicking that link will bring you to the problem. The other book is Mathematics...
Achal 6 months ago
Dear Achal, Then I am sorry, because as far as I know it would not be possible to solve the question. But, if you can say which textbook you are referring to, then maybe I may be of help.
Arun 6 months ago
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