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If a,b,c,d are inG.P. while a-2,b-7,c-9,d-5 are in A.P. then a+b+c+d is divided by?

a)2   b)3    c)5    d)7

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        ans. Is -45.

Therefore,it is divided by 3 and 5.
3 years ago

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If [(x) + x] = 3 then x =? where [ ] represents greatest integer function and ( ) represents integer greater than or equal to x. plzz explain
sarah i want to ask that () u have used is also for gretaest integer function
ng29 2 months ago
Yes, () this prabably used for the same can u plz explain me hw to solve it?
Mohammad Kavish 2 months ago
x belongs to (1,2) both 1&2 excluded.
Shubham Singh 2 months ago
2x+6x 2+ 8
it seems like there is some mistake in the question, it is incomplete
Prajwal Kavad 3 days ago
can u post ur question completely …........
noogler 10 days ago
Dear Geethu, Post ur question properly.
erra akhil 8 days ago
find the range of f(x)=1/x-5 root over
Please post what values x can have. If x can be any real number then the range of f(x) = R
Adarsh 21 days ago
Please say without knowing the values x can take, how range of f(x) becomes R +
Adarsh 21 days ago
The range of f(x) is R +
vaibhav 21 days ago
Solve: sin –1 (|x 2 –1|) +cos –1 (|2x 2 –5|) = pi/2
sin–1(|x2–1|) +cos–1(|2x2–5|) = pi/2 |x 2 -1|=1, gives x=0, ± sqrt(2) 2x 2 -5| = 1 x=+-2, +-sart(3) take intersection and valid solution according to domain of...
Sher Mohammad 11 months ago
Hello student, please find answer to your question Final Solution: So the answer is
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
if argz then arg(-z)-arg(z)?
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar one year ago
if r satisfies the equation r x (i +2 j+ k)= i-k then for any scalar m , r is eqaul to?????
answer is b) now i understand that what is m when u compare the both sides u does not get exact coeffiicients of r i am solving completely for u let r=ai+bj+ck on taking cross product and...
ng29 one month ago
consider r =ai+bj+ck and solve lhs by using crosss product now get single equations in i,j and k compare coefficients of i, j and k and u get the desired vector approve if useful
ng29 one month ago
i tried through that only ….but don know what this m...stands for... options for this ques. … a) i+m(i+2j+k) ​b) j+ m(i+2j+k) ​c) k+m(i+2j+k) ​d) i- k +m (i+2j+k)
mansi dabriwal one month ago
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