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If a,b,c,d are inG.P. while a-2,b-7,c-9,d-5 are in A.P. then a+b+c+d is divided by?

a)2   b)3    c)5    d)7

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        ans. Is -45.

Therefore,it is divided by 3 and 5.
3 years ago

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find the value for m for which equations have equal roots x 2 -15-m(2x-8)=0
Dear student, Its quadratic equation if two roots are equal that mean D=0 ==> b 2 – 4ac =0 So Solve this now
Nishant Vora 5 days ago
how to write polar form into rectangular form
To convert given polar form into rectangular form. Use the conversion as r*exp (j theta) = x + jy. where x = r cos (theta) and y = r sin (theta). Thanks.
Vijay Mukti 3 days ago
The reminder when x^5 + kx^2 is divided by (x-1) (x-2) (x-3) contains no term in x^2. If teh value of k is -10a then a = ? Ans = 9
on dividing x^5 + kx^2 with (x-1) (x-2) (x-3) we get the remainder (k+90)x 2 -239x+150 as the remainder contains no x 2 terms …............k+90=0............k= -90= -10(9) first exp (x-1)...
noogler 7 days ago
How to make sure that i have learnt vectors ?? what are the basic concepts of vectors and unit vectors ??
Dear Student, Actually there are two points where you need vectors. Once its taught in physics (only basics) and once in 12 th std in maths there you have to study in deep. Now accordingly...
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
Find sum till n terms of (Sinx/cos3x) + (sin3x/cos9x) +(sin9x/cos27x)+(sin27x/cos81x)+......
Sum = ∑ sin(3 j x)/cos(3 j+1 x), multiply and divide by cos(3 j x), Sum = ∑ sin(2*3 j x) / 2.cos(3 j x).cos(3 j+1 x)....using sin2x=2sinx.cosx, Sum = ∑ sin((3-1)*3 j x) / 2.cos(3 j x).cos(3 ...
Akshay 9 days ago
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