If a,b,c,d are in G.P. while a-2,b-7,c-9,d-5 are in A.P., then a+b+c+d is divided by?

a)2 b)3 c)5 d)7

2 years ago


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2 years ago

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the gcd of two positive integer is 81 and their lcm is 5103 , find the number
i want answer from you
anand kapare 2 months ago
729 and 567 GCD=81 Therefore numbers are 81a and 81b for a and b are co-prime. LCM=81*a*b = 5103=81*63 therefore ab=63 a,b=9,7 so numbers are 81*7=567 and 81*9 =729 GCD of 15,20,35 is 5...
Karan Yadav 2 months ago
find gcd of 15,20,35 . also find x, y, z such that 15x+20y+35z= gcd
anand kapare 2 months ago
A cricket player played n (n>1) matches during his career and made a total of (n^2-12n+39)(4.6^n-5.3^n+1)/5 runs. If T r represents the runs made by the player in r^th match such that T 1...
Hello student, Please find my response to your question below I think there is some information part missing in the above question so iam not able to solve this problem please recheck the...
SHAIK AASIF AHAMED one month ago
If AB=2a, given base of triangle ABP where p is a varianle such that tanA+tanB=k(constant) then locus of P is? a: circle b:parabola c: hyperbola
b:parabola is ans. use A+B = 180-P then take tan and apply angle between lines formula. Assume A(a,0) B(-a,0)
yashpal 16 days ago
3 ∫ 2 (2x 2 + 1) dx
integration of (2(X^2)+1)dx from 2 to 3 is equal to (2((x^3)/3)+x) from 2 to3 =(2((3^3)/3)+3)-(2((2^3)/3)+2) =(2*(27/3)+3)-(2*(8/3)+2) =(18+3)-((16/3)+2) =(21)-(22/3) =41/3
Miryala Gopalakrishna 27 days ago
Ans:- 3 ∫ 2 (2x 2 +1)dx =2[(x 2+1 /2+1)] 2 3 +[x] 2 3 =2[(x 3 /3)] 2 3 +[x] 2 3 =2[(3 3 /3)+(2 3 /3)]+[3-2] =2[(27+8)/3]+1 =2[(35/3)]+1 =(70/3)+1 =73/3
Anusha 27 days ago
How is
Hi, This is a splecial case and you can see it is of form f(x) g(x) = 1 where f(x) is 1 + sinx and g(x) = 1/x 2 Direct Solution of above form is e g(x) (f(x) -1) Put f(x) and g(x) and get...
Harsh Patodia one month ago
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