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plz solve -

Lt(x->0) (log(cos x)/(sinx)^2)

thanx in advance..

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


Lt x->0 log(cos x)/ (sinx)2

Lt x->0 log [1 + (cosx - 1)]/(sinx)2                                         {Add and subtract 1}

Lt x->0 log [1 + (cosx - 1)](cosx - 1)/ (cosx - 1) (sin x)2          {Multiply divide by (cosx - 1)}

Lt x->0 {log [1 + (cosx - 1)]/ (cos x - 1)}  {(cosx - 1) / (sinx)2}

Lt x->0 {(log [1 + m])/ (m)} { - (1 - cosx)/ ??(sinx)2}

 Here m->0 as cosx - 1 ->0 when x-> o So, Standard limit Lt x->0  log[ 1 + x]/ x = 1

Lt x->0 {1} {- (1 - cosx)(x2) / (x2) (sinx)2                                            {Multiply divide by (sinx)2}

Lt x->0 - {(1- cosx) / (x2)} { (x2) / (sinx)2}

Using Standard limit Lt x->0 (1-cosx) / (x2) = 1/2 and Lt x->0  (x/ sinx)= 1, we get,

Lt x->0 - {1/2} { (1)2 }

Lt x->0 -1/2

= -1/2

3 years ago

Anmol , Ur answer is indeed right . but I want to do it by a simple method called L Hopitals rule.

Any problem yielding 0/0 by direct substition can be solved by the approach.

This method coveys tht any  limit yielding 0/0

lim f(x)/g(x) = {d f(x) /dx } / {d g(x) /dx }

Here in the question by direct substitution we get 0/0 So apply L Hopitals rule

Lt (x->0) log(cos(x))/(sinx)2 = Lt(x->0)d/dx {log(cos(x))} / d/dx {sin2x} = -1/2 cos2(x)  = -1/2 (By direct Substitution)

3 years ago

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In how many ways can 20 persons be seated round a table if there are 9 chairs?
Select 9 from the 20 persons which will be 20 C 9 . Then to arrange the 9 persons on a round table, the number of arrange will be factorial(9-1). Therefore ans will be 20 C 9 * factorial...
Vijay Mukati 27 days ago
what do u ment by algebra
In Maths, Algebrais the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
in how many ways can n identical things be distributed into r different groups??
In n+r-1 C r-1 ways. PLZ APPROVE MY ANS.
Nikhil Upadhyay 8 days ago
simplify 2 nd term by partial fraction method Now above problem reduce to standard form and Do it yourself PLEASE APPROVE IF USEFUL
Aakash 21 days ago
what are the followed conditions for lhopital rule
the important condition ar both denominator should be continious @ x=x both are diffrentiable @ x=x f(x)=g(x)=0@x=x f’ and g’ should be continious @ x=x approve if useful
grenade 3 months ago
sorry i ain’t mentioned about the 0/0 form it might be and given indeterminant out of those 7 indeterminate forms but we first have to convet the given value into 0/0 form
grenade 3 months ago
its easy jst deiiferentiate both numerator and denominator
anuj 3 months ago
Please tell how they calculate it sir please see attachment
use induction principle to verify for n=1 = 5+1/1 + 0/1=6 2+4=6 means for n=1 it is correct , lets prove assume it true for n, and try to prove for n+1.
Sher Mohammad one year ago
Hello student, Please find answer to your question
Jitender Singh one year ago
Hello student, Please find answer to your question
Jitender Singh one year ago
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