A  leaf  is  torn  from  a  paperback  novel. The  sum  of  the  numbers  on  the  remaining  pages  is 15000.  What are the page numbers on the torn leaf ?

2 years ago


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Solve this Question: There are four people in a house. A fireman, an athlete, an old woman and a drunk guy. The house catches fire and before the fact is known, it is too late. All they know...
first fireman and athlete will go- 2 minutes then fireman will return- 1 minute then old lady and drunk man will go- 5 minutes then athlete will return- 2 minutes then fireman and athlete...
Ketan Jain 4 months ago
first fireman and athlete(2) go athelete stays while fireman(3) returns. Then woman and drunk guy go(8) and athlete returns(10) Then athlete and fireman go together(12) :D Solved
Sashank Gambhira 4 months ago
--- >> fire man +ath 2 min --- >old woman +drunk guy 5 min --- > fireman +ath 2 min Total 12 min
dinesh 4 months ago
Find the domain of the function f (x) = log3 - log4 6x-4 6x+5 .
attaching the solution if you mean f(x) = log 3 (log 4 ((6x-4)/(6x+5))) i have already solved that problem ; you can see that Thanks & Regards Sudhir, askIITians Faculty Qualification....
sudhir pal 5 months ago
attaching two answers for this problem since expression of your question is not that clear Thanks & Regards Sudhir, askIITians Faculty Qualification. IIT Delhi
sudhir pal 5 months ago
Thanks and Regards, M.MURALIKRISHNA askIITians faculty
MuraliKrishna Medavaram 5 months ago
An object is thrown vertically up from the ground passes the height 5 m twice in an interval of 10 secs. what is the time of flight?
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 26 days ago
surya 27 days ago
find the Integration of the function f(x)=||x-2|+1| in interval [-1,1]? and also find area of Integral function?
if -1=<x<=1 then (x-2)<0 thus mod(x-2)=(2-x) so mod(mod(x-2)+1)=mod(3-x) if -1=<x<=1 then (3-x)>0 thus mod(3-x)=3-x integration=(3x-x 2 /2) -1 1 =(3-1/2)-(-3-1/2) =6...
Parvez ali 5 months ago
plot of above function: the function f(x) = x-2+1=x-1 for x>2 = -x+2+1=-x+3 for x 2))=(1/2)x^2-x =)-x+3(between x to 2(x<2))=(1/2)(-x^2)+3x
Pradeeep Anand 5 months ago
wat are asymptotes?
Asymptotes are tangents to a hyperbola which never really touch it or mathematically u can say touch it at infinity Asymptotes are very imp from jee pt of view so do it very nicely good luck...
needhelp 24 days ago
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