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How many pairs of (x,y) satisfy the equations 3x+6y=21 and 4x+8y=16

3 years ago


Answers : (4)


as 3/4=6/8  so these lines are parallel, i.e. have no common point, so 0 pairs of (x,y) will satisfy this

3 years ago

3x + 6y = 21

or, x+2y=7





Inconsistent equations. No solution.

3 years ago

dear suresh,

these two equations reaemble two parallel lines as a1/a2=b1/b2not equal to c1/c2.

so these two lines never intersect and thus have no solution

2 years ago

no solution since they are parallel lines
please post some tough questions next time

2 years ago

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3 0 +6 0 +9 0 /20 0
amwer is simple any specific value raised to 0 is one ,therfore answer is 3
Prajwal Kavad one month ago
for any number except 0,infinity,power zero =1.therefore answer is 1+1+1=3
ashish one month ago
is it degrees or the powers else if powers answer would be 3
grenade one month ago
The value of x for which sin (cot−1 (1 + x)) = cos (tan−1 x) is (A) 1/2 (B) 1 (C) 0 (D) −1/2
question seems to be unclear what do u mean by cot-1(1+x) …....?
Nicho priyatham one month ago
please send post the question again or rewright it in ans box
Nicho priyatham one month ago
(D) −1/2 it is the answer plz aprve
grenade one month ago
what do u ment by algebra
In Maths, Algebrais the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols. Thanks.
Vijay Mukti 22 days ago
Formula to find the angle bisector of the pair of straight lines
Dear Student Method to Find The Equation Of The Angle Bisectors
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
if tan(x-y/2),tanz,tan(x+y/2) are in GP. Then prove that cosx=cosy+cos2z
I Think the question should be to prove cos x = cos y * cos 2z. Hint. Just use b2=ac condition for GP of numbers a,b,c. Then Just do the simplification, You will get it.
Vijay Mukti 16 days ago
2^x=3^y=6^z , then values of x,y&z....
But in general we cannot identify wheter the problem is related to log or something else I am also getting the same answer Can u pl. Tell the correct answer
grenade one month ago
it might be the case that u had printing error while posting the answer else you just check out once againg and i will approach u back in few hours
grenade one month ago
if we have to prove this result any way then we could easily say that x=y=z=0 which will give us 1=1=1 SMASH THE APPROVE BUTTON IF IT HELPED U
Gman Namg one month ago
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