The letters of the word ASSASSINATION are arranged at random. What is the probability of a getting NO TWO As are coming...???


2 years ago


Answers : (2)


ASSASSINATION can be arranged in 13!/(3!*4!*2!*2!) ways.


No two As coming together.


x  S  x  S  x  S  x  S  x  I  x  N  x  T  x  I  x  O  x  N x


A can be put in place of any x. (3 As can be put in 11 places in 11C3 ways).


No of favourable conditions = 10!/(4!*2!*2!) * 11C3


Probability = [10!/(4!*2!*2!) * 11C3]/[13!/(3!*4!*2!*2!)]

2 years ago

Your answer is great ..Thank u so much..I wont forget you valuable respobnse towards my question.!

2 years ago

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