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The letters of the word ASSASSINATION are arranged at random. What is the probability of a getting NO TWO As are coming...???


4 years ago


Answers : (2)


ASSASSINATION can be arranged in 13!/(3!*4!*2!*2!) ways.


No two As coming together.


x  S  x  S  x  S  x  S  x  I  x  N  x  T  x  I  x  O  x  N x


A can be put in place of any x. (3 As can be put in 11 places in 11C3 ways).


No of favourable conditions = 10!/(4!*2!*2!) * 11C3


Probability = [10!/(4!*2!*2!) * 11C3]/[13!/(3!*4!*2!*2!)]

4 years ago

Your answer is great ..Thank u so much..I wont forget you valuable respobnse towards my question.!

4 years ago

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Sum to n terms of the series +
first find the nth term of the series 1,3,5,7,........are in first place …........nth term=1+(n-1)2=2n-1 nth term=a+(n-1)d 3,5,7,9.........are in second place.........nth term=3+(n-1)2=2n+1 ...
noogler 10 months ago
saibhargav 8 months ago
OUTPASS 8 months ago
If f(x)=cos2x+sin4xsin2x+cos4x for x∈R, then f(2002)=
the answer is retyuyrfuyfhhfvheyfyytgftuerwyfy====================================================the answer is=====1.45
Gowri sankar 4 months ago
raju 8 months ago
what is the root of x 2 +1=0
Solution:- x 2 = -1, x = +/- sqrt(-1), x = -j/j. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 9 months ago
x2= -1, x = +/- sqrt(-1), x = -j/j. Thanks for giving this oppurtinity.
OUTPASS 8 months ago
It is a complex number X=√−1=1i(i is a complec number value is √−1)
raju 8 months ago
A line cuts the x-axis at A (7, 0) and the y-axis at B (0, -5). A variable line PQ is drawn perpendicular to AB cutting the x-axis in P and the y-axis in Q. If AQ and BP intersect at R,...
The given line cuts the x-axis at A (7, 0) and the y-axis at B (0, -5). Hence, the equation of the line AB is x/7 + y/-5 = 1 …… (1) Hence, the equation becomes 5x-7y = 35. We know that the...
Satyadip Mahapatra 5 months ago
Discuss continuity of f(x)=(x-a)sin1/(x-a) when x#a0 when x=a. AT x=a
at exact x=a the function is not defined. but the left hand limit (LHL) at x=a gives a very small negative number and RHL give a very small positive number. Hence the function is...
Shahzeb Rizvi 3 days ago
I m having problem in these two questions: 1) f(x)=x^3+6x^2+(9+2k)x+1 is increasing if k is 2)f(x)=cosx-2PX is monotonically decreasing for p:
HInt: 1. If we diffirenciate a cubic equation, we get the quadratic equation. Not for cubic polynomial to be increasing function, its derivative should be positive, i.e. quadratic polynomial...
Vijay Mukati 10 months ago
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