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If z1and z2 satisfy 2|z+3|=|Rez| and arg(z+3)/(i+1)=Π/2 then arg(z1+3)/(z2+3) = ?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)



 please find the attachement below

the values of z1 and z2 are found out then the expression could easily be get


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963_36248_complex number.JPG

3 years ago

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x 2 +2x+1=0,x=?
OUTPASS 2 months ago
RAJU 2 months ago
Sum to n terms of the series +
first find the nth term of the series 1,3,5,7,........are in first place …........nth term=1+(n-1)2=2n-1 nth term=a+(n-1)d 3,5,7,9.........are in second place.........nth term=3+(n-1)2=2n+1 ...
noogler 4 months ago
saibhargav 2 months ago
charan 2 months ago
Please can someone explain by venn diagrams how independent and mutually exclusive events are different.
Dear Student, Mutually Exclusive events will be shown by non intersecting area in the Veen diagrams. Whereas, For independent events they may or may not intersect each other but they follow...
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
Why 2+2 =4????
Dear Student, This is a basic mathematics that 2 and 2 will be equal to 4. Let suppose you keep two toffee on a table then you keep another 2 toffee on the same table. Now if you start...
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
sin 2 a
1-Cos2a or you can follow this 1 /Cosea2a.
OUTPASS 2 months ago
1-Cos 2 a and 1 /Cosec 2 a
L GOUSE BASHA 2 months ago
1-Cos 2 a or 1 /Cosea 2 a
SHANMUKESHWAR 2 months ago
The number of normal(s) to the parabola y^2 = 8x through (2,1) is?
Dear Student, Equaiton of any normal to y 2 = 4ax is y = mx -2am -am 3 . Now since it passes through (2,1) and a = 2. Therefore equation will be m 3 +2m+1 =0 Solve the cubic equation to get...
Vijay Mukati 6 days ago
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