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If z1and z2 satisfy 2|z+3|=|Rez| and arg(z+3)/(i+1)=Π/2 then arg(z1+3)/(z2+3) = ?

3 years ago


Answers : (1)



 please find the attachement below

the values of z1 and z2 are found out then the expression could easily be get


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963_36248_complex number.JPG

3 years ago

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​ x 7 +14x ​ ​5 +16x 3 +30​x-560 ​how many real solutions does this equation have
when we differentiate the equation we get and hence the function is monotonic and f(0) is negative and then it will continiously increase till infinity and hence will cross the x axis only...
Riddhish Bhalodia 5 days ago
Dear friend this has only one real root all the best for your bright future
Prabhakar ch 5 days ago
how to find the sum of a series upto n term if the rth term is (r)/(r^4 + r^2 + 1)
Solution in the image
Riddhish Bhalodia 9 days ago
A fair coin is tossed. if tail appears on first four tosses then the probability of head appearing on fifth toss is
It does not depend upon the outcomes of the first four tosses.So the required probabiliity is ½.
if the coin is fair then the oucome of the fifth toss does not depend upon the outcomes of the first four tosses.hence the probability of head appearing on the fifth toss is always1/2
Ankit Jaiswal 24 days ago
please tell me the answers of the above 2 questions
the answer for sin^4(x) will be 3/8x-1/4sin2x+1/32sin4x+c
grenade 8 months ago
yhe answer for 1/cosx.dx wil be ln {tan mod (pie/4 + x/2) mod}+c
grenade 8 months ago
which 2 questions
grenade 8 months ago
What is the next number in series 1,3,7,25,103,? (i) 526 (ii) 521 (iii) 515 (iv) 509
I too feel the same but this question has been given in FIITJEE mental ability book for Udaya-I for class 8. In book its answer has been given as 521 but no logic has been given for it. If...
Akshit Khanna 4 months ago
I feel that there is some mistake in the question since...there is no relation between the 4 th and 3 rd , 5 th and 4 th .. Please recheck the question.....
Shubham Kamleshbhai Patel 4 months ago
y = cos4x.cos2x find dy/dx
Ans. -((cos4x sin2x)/2+(cos2x sin4x)/4).
Vijay Mukati 6 months ago
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USE CODE: testing

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USE CODE: testing

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