if A={z belongs to c:z=x+ix-1 for all x belonging to real no.s} and |z|≤|w|,w belongs to A then z is

2 years ago


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if x be the real number such that x 3 +4x=8,then value of the expression x 7 +64x 2 is......
Hello student, For any integer n ,the given equation impliesx n+3 =-4x n+1 +8x n so we can write such power of x in terms of lower powers. carrying out this process iteratively gives x 7...
multiple type correct:if a polynomial f(x)=4x^4-ax^3+bx^2-cx+5 (a,b,c belongs to R) has 4 positive real roots m,n,o,p such that m/2 + n/4 + o/5 + p/8 =1 then value of a is options:a- 20,b-...
Let M = m/2, N = n/4, O = o/5, and P = p/8 We see that mnop = 5/4 so that MNOP = 1/256 Also we have M+N+O+P = 1. From AM-GM inequality we have MNOP Since MNOP = 256, we must have M = N = O =...
2014 years ago
Find the Locus of mid-point of line segment intercepted between real and imaginary Axis, by the line a’ z + a z’ +b =0 where b is real parameter and a is fixed complex number such that Re(a)...
Ans: Hello Student, Please find solution to your question below a’z + az + b = 0 Let z = x + iy z’ = x – iy Let a = c + id, where c & d are real numbers. a’ = c...
Jitender Singh 5 days ago
All the points lying inside the triangle formed by the points (1,3), (5,6) amd (-1,2) satisfy: a)3x+2y_ 0 b) 2x+y+1_0 c) -2x+11_0 d)2x+3y-12_0
I think there is some problem with your question since the points lying inside a triangle constitute an enclosed area. So these pointscannot lie on a st. line.
If in a triangle A=(1,10),circumcenter=(-1/3,2/3) and orthocentre =(11/3,4/3) then the co-ordinates of the side opposite to A is: PLZ EXPLAIN IT..
In a triangle, the circumcenter orthocentre and the centroid are collinear and they lie on a line called as Euler line. The centroid divides the orthocentre and circumcentre in 2:1. Hence,...
bharat bajaj 5 months ago
w is cube root of unity then (1+w)^7=A+Bw then A,B are
Hello Student, Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 24 days ago
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