if A={z belongs to c:z=x+ix-1 for all x belonging to real no.s} and |z|≤|w|,w belongs to A then z is

2 years ago


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                                        Hello student,
Please find my response to your question below
Iam not able to interpret your query.I think there is some mistake in your question.So please recheck the question and post it again so that i can provide you with a meaningful answer.
3 months ago

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log 3/4 log 8 (x 2 +7) + log 1/4 (x 2 +7) -1 = -2 Solve for x.
First reduce the eqn from double log to a single log eqn. Follow the steps: Remove the logbase3/4 using the exponential equivalent. This would give an eqn of 2 terms equated to a number...
Ravi 23 days ago
if a>0 and x>y the show that a^x+a^-x>a^y+a^-x
Both the sides contain a common exponenta^x+ a^-x >a^y+ a^-x Eliminate the exponent first. As x>y, and a>0 so a^x>ay...
Ravi 16 days ago
question is in image
Let log(4-x)= a and log(x + 1/2)=b Above equation becomes a2 + ab – 2b2 = a2 + 2ab- ab – 2b2 = a( a + 2b) – b(a +2b) = (a-b)(a+2b) a=b or a= -2b Put values and you can...
Harsh Patodia one month ago
divide num and denom. by x^2, then substitute ax + b/x = t.
Nihal Raj 28 days ago
divide num and denom. by x^2, then substitute ax + b/x = t.
Nihal Raj 28 days ago
bharat makkar 28 days ago
How does find the slope of a circle. Please give me an easy method which works all the time. Thanks
Dear student, We know that atany pointP having the coordinates (x,y)on the unit circle satisfies the relation Hence, we get that Now we can use the usual parameterization of the circle, i.e....
Sumit Majumdar 4 months ago
If a 1 , a 2 , a 3 , …., a n are in A. P. where a I >0 for all i, show that
Hi, You image is not visible. Please upload the pic again to get an answer....
Yash Baheti 22 days ago
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