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if A={z belongs to c:z=x+ix-1 for all x belonging to real no.s} and |z|≤|w|,w belongs to A then z is

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        Hello student,
Please find my response to your question below
Iam not able to interpret your query.I think there is some mistake in your question.So please recheck the question and post it again so that i can provide you with a meaningful answer.
8 months ago

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can anybody solve this que
Where is the question
yaswanth 22 days ago
Wht is d question ?
Drake 22 days ago
find the sum to n trms of the A.G.P 3+5/4+7/4 2 +9/4 3 +...
Take the LCM of the denominator and keep it outside of the series. Now from the nth term of the series, simplify and get the 2 GP’s in addition. Solve for the sum of the GP to get the...
Ravi 5 months ago
the sum of n terms of A.G.P. To derive it call the sum of series be S n . Then multiply it by “r” of the G.P. and then subtract S n with rS n
Aziz Alam 5 months ago
question is in image
The given equation can be written in the form: Now is defined for . So, Solving these two we get …......................(1) To solve , assume left hand side as and right hand side as...
Satyajit Samal 7 months ago
How to find projection of one vector over another?
let say we have to find projection of a on b then it is given by a.b /I bI
Abhishek Singh 3 months ago
the straight lines x+y=0, 3x+y-4=0 and x+3y-4=0 which is isosless equilateral right angle none
Since none of the lines are perpendicular therefore it is not a right angled triangle. now find the intersection points of x+y=0, 3x+y-4=0, x+3y-4=0, we get (2,-2),(-2,2) & (1,1) let...
Sunil Raikwar 6 months ago
What could be the best book for doing problems on limits and continuity?
That would depend on whether you are, preparing for CBSE subjective questions or competetive exam questions. In context of the former, R.S. Agarwal, R. D. Sharma or other substitutes to them...
Ravi 6 months ago
amit m aggarwal by arihant series is the best for calculus(entire series for differential and integral)both are separate books solutions are also provided in the same book itself for iit jee...
vineet chatterjee 6 months ago
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