if A={z belongs to c:z=x+ix-1 for all x belonging to real no.s} and |z|≤|w|,w belongs to A then z is

2 years ago


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                                        Hello student,
Please find my response to your question below
Iam not able to interpret your query.I think there is some mistake in your question.So please recheck the question and post it again so that i can provide you with a meaningful answer.
3 months ago

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let x,y,z be three non-negative integer such that x+y+z=10 the maximum possible value of xyz+xy+yz+zx= ?
xyz+xy+xz+yz can be expressed as (x + 1)(y + 1)(z + 1) - (x + y + z + 1) Since x+y+z=10 xyz+xy+xz+yz = (x + 1)(y + 1)(z + 1) - 11 So now we have to maximize (x + 1)(y + 1)(z + 1) - 11 Hello...
Nishant Vora one month ago
How do i solve equations like these find no. of ordeted pairs for 10y+10x=xy-1?
You will get infinite number of ordered pairs for this equation. 10y + 10 x = xy –1 y = – (1 + 10x)/(10 – x) & x = – (1 + 10y)/(10 – y) This is not defined for x = 10 & y = 10
Y RAJYALAKSHMI one month ago
if a,b,c,d are positive real numbers such that a/3=a+b/4=a+b+c/5=a+b+c+d/6 then a/b+2c+3d
Let a/3 = a + b / 4 = a + b + c / 5 = a + b + c + d/ 6 = k then, a = 3k, b = k, c = k, d = k a/b + 2c + 3d = 3k/k + 2k + 3k = 3k/6k = 1/2
Y RAJYALAKSHMI 3 months ago
hey post raledu kada
kasilaxmi 3 months ago
hello chandu.....
farzana 3 months ago
prove that the straight line joining the midpoints of the diagnol of a trapezium is parallel to the parallel sides and is equal to half their distance.
Hello Student If you consider two triangles which are formed by the diagonal of the trapezium. In both the triangle base will be parallel to mid point of sides and both sides are also...
Nishant Vora one month ago
evaluate ∫(5cos^3(x) + 6sin^3(x)) / 2sin^2(x) cos^2(x) dx
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 3 months ago
in co-ordinate geometry 2 circles,touching each other internally or externally have a common tangent.if the ecquations of those circles are given then we can easily find the ecq. of that...
Hello student, this is the confusion of many students. Equation of common chord and equation of tangent both are s1- s2 = 0 .But equation of commom chord is found out when the circles are...
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
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