if p+q+r=16, b+c=4 and x,y,z are the solution of linear equations



(x/r)+(y/r-b)+(z/r-c)=1 then x+y+z is

2 years ago


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I want chapters like group theory ,Elements of number theory,graph theory,theory of equation,group theory please provide me fast i want to read this chapters in just 2 days because mu exam...
It is not possible for us to explain the whole topic/chapter here. Please go through the study material and write down the specific problem. Thanks & Regards Latika Leekha askIITians...
Latika Leekha one month ago
Let z 1 ,z 2 ,z 3 are three pairwise distinct complex numbers and t 1 ,t 2 ,t 3 are non negative real numbers such that t 1 +t 2 +t 3 =1. prove that the complex number z=t 1 z 1 +t 2 z 2 +t...
Let A represent the vertex z 1 , with B and C similarly defined. Let z be the point P We can write z = t 1 z 1 +t 2 z 2 +t 3 z 3 = t 1 z 1 +t 2 z 2 + (1-t 1 -t 2 )z 3 so that z-z 3 = t 1 (z...
mycroft holmes 16 days ago
Juliet has attempted 213 problems on Brilliant and solved 210 of them correctly. Her friend Romeo has just joined Brilliant, and has attempted 4 problems and solved 2 correctly. From now on,...
solution: for minimum no. of probs for rotio of correct solutions to attempted probs.. R's ratio > J's ratio. assume X problems are attempted by both and R does all correctly and J does...
Ajay Verma 4 months ago
method was right but its not a right answer.
shubham jain 4 months ago
then what is the correct answer?
Ketan Jain 4 months ago
srinivas aytha 10 months ago
ashok 10 months ago
Circles with radii 3, 4 and 5 touch each other externally if P is the point of intersection of tangents to these circles at their points of contact. Find the distance of P from the points of...
Hello Student, Let A, B, C be the centre of the three circles. =>P is the in–centre of the ∆ABC Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar 19 days ago
This is a multiple answer question let a and b be two non null vectors such that |a+b|=|a-2b| . Then the value of |a|/|b| May be : (a) 1/4 (b) 1/8 (c) 1 ( d) 2. Pls solve the question in...
open the mod like this a+b = +( a=2b) i.e a+b = a-2b which is not possible because b is non null vector. or a+b = -(a-2b) so a/b = 1/2 Thanks Ruchi , Askiitians faculty
ruchi yadav 5 months ago
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