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Show that the expression (ax-b)*(cx-d)/(bx-a)*(dx-c) can have all the values for real x if (a*a)-(b*b) and (c*c)-(d*d) have the same sign.

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        Hello student,
Please find the answer to your question below
So by finding the discriminant of the equation from the above we can observe that
the expression (ax-b)*(cx-d)/(bx-a)*(dx-c) can have all the values for real x if (a*a)-(b*b) and (c*c)-(d*d) have the same sign.
11 months ago

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(49)^7/2 = (7^2)^7/2=(7)^7= 823543
Kabilan Anbazhagan 15 days ago
The reminder when x^5 + kx^2 is divided by (x-1) (x-2) (x-3) contains no term in x^2. If teh value of k is -10a then a = ? Ans = 9
on dividing x^5 + kx^2 with (x-1) (x-2) (x-3) we get the remainder (k+90)x 2 -239x+150 as the remainder contains no x 2 terms …............k+90=0............k= -90= -10(9) first exp (x-1)...
noogler 14 days ago
which term of the G.P. 2,1,1/2,1/4... is 1/128?
You can do this simply by putting 1/128 as an exponential term in terms of (1/2) which is the common ratio. The first terrm is a=2, d=1/2, so you can either equate them directly equal to the...
Ravi 9 months ago
t n =a*r n-1 where, a=initial term=2 n=nth term r=common ratio=1/2 1/128=2*(1/256)=2*(1/2) 8 =2*(1/2) n-1 Hence,n-1=8; …........n=9th term...
Naveen Kumar 9 months ago
Of course we can have alternative ways to do it and I have given the answer which is one of them ….... Good luck for your exams!!!!!!!!!...
Naveen Kumar 9 months ago
the image of the point (2,-1) with respect to the point (1,-4)
Let (x,y) be image of point (2,-1) (1,-4) will be mid point of (x,y) and (2,-1) x+2 = 2 y-1= -8 x=0 y= -7
Harsh Patodia 4 months ago
IF SinA 1 + SinA 2 + SinA 3 = 1 then find the value of, cosA 1 + cosA 2 +cosA 3
Square both the sides and start manipulating. Note. take sinA3 to RHS
Charchit Tailong 4 days ago
(log base e 2)(log base x 625) = (log base 10 16)(log base e 10) then x=?
Ans, x = 2; (Hint: Bring log base e 2 to the RHS and convert (log base e 10)/ (log base e 2) into 1/ log base 10 2.)
Vijay Mukti one month ago
x=5 log e 2 log x 625=log 10 16 log e 10 log e 2 log x 625=log e 16 log a b log c a=log c b log e 2 log x 625=log e 2 4 log e 2 log x 625=4log e 2 loga x =x loga log x 625=4 625=x 4 x=5...
noogler one month ago
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