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f:R→R  f((x-y)2)= (f(x))2 -2xf(y) +y2 then f(x)=?

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


Setting x = y = 0, we get f(0) = f2(0) which means f(0) = 0 or f(0) = 1


Swapping x and y we get


f[(y-x)2] = f[(x-y)2] = f2(y) - 2y f(x) + x2


Hence we get f2(x) - 2x f(y) + y2 = f2(y) - 2y f(x) + x2


Now putting y = 0, we get f2(x) - 2x f(0)  = f2(0) - x2


If f(0) = 0, then f2(x) = x2 and we get f(x) = x after discarding f(x) = -x as extraneous


Likewise, if f(0) = 1, then f(x) = x+1 satisfies the given equation

7 years ago

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Can anyone plz solve the 10 problem plzIn sequence and series 10 problem is a doubt
Just rationalize each term and you will get D as all terms in middle will get cancel.
Harsh Patodia one month ago
how to solve this please explain in detail and do not ignore me.
your question is very important to us and ans is very important to you i will tell you how to do this
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the image is invalid nc piajlskcnSLIDUCBwpviu WVIJN sdckndsfoIHFIJnfpQHFijnv isddV WUPNVwjefP WVwijvnSIDJVNdsip j vnPWJwipubvwjo vnWP IUBHwobWORHB wpovn
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what is a probability????????????????????????????????????????
HAI GURAVAIAH, THE PROBABILITY IS DIFINED BY THE QUALITY OF BEING PROBABLE IS CALLED THE PROBABILITY.........................................................................
Gowri sankar 9 months ago
Hello Guravaiah Probability is the chance that something will happen - how likely it is that some event will happen. Sometimes you can measure a probability with a number like "10% chance...
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hello guravaProbability is the chance that something will happen - how likely it is that some event will happen. Sometimes you can measure a probability with a number like "10% chance of...
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prove that integration of 1/x is logx. how should i prove that..
this is based on knowledge of 1/x is of the form of x**-1.differntiation in a nutshell is the opposite of integration. so as d/dx of ln(x) is 1/x.hence integral of 1/x is...
parchan 6 months ago
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