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Is it right... To say.... dy/dx = dx/dy

3 years ago


Answers : (7)


No this is incorrect.

(dy/dx) is actually equal to (dx/dy)-1

3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago

i dont know

3 years ago

acctualy dy/dx=1/dx/dy


2 years ago


2 years ago


dy\dx is change of y w.r.t x

but dx\dy is change of x w.r.t y which will turn out to be inverse of each other

2 years ago

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dear sir please give the solution of question as soon as possible.
Multiply by i 5 on both sides. In RHS, put i 5 =i, while in LHS take i in brackets. After this, take the conjugate of the equation and cancel the negative terms.
Akshay 2 months ago
Please can someone explain by venn diagrams how independent and mutually exclusive events are different.
Dear Student, Mutually Exclusive events will be shown by non intersecting area in the Veen diagrams. Whereas, For independent events they may or may not intersect each other but they follow...
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
charan 28 days ago
the two sides of triangle is given by the roots of equation as x2-5x+6 then perimeter of triangle
Common sense which is very uncommon.
saahil karnik one month ago
Karthik Pasupulatei one month ago
saahil karnik one month ago
Let A(3,-4), B(1,2) and P(2k-1,2k+1) is a variable point such that PA + PB IS MINIMUM then k=
what is problem in dis questions just find distances and sum them now u will get equation in k , consider it as function of k and u have to find its min value differentiate it wrt ot k and...
ng29 4 months ago
ok there is another metod to approach this question P will be mid point of A and B then PA + PB will be minimum and hence by using mid point formula u will get value of k approve if...
ng29 4 months ago
That I know, but it takes too much time if you have any short method please tell me....
Aditya Sharma 4 months ago
TAN 45 =SIN 45 / COS 45 =(1/2)/(1/2) =1. ANSWER IS TAN 45 = 1. ---------------------------------IF YOU LIKE THIS ANSWER PLA APPROVE IT-------------------------------------
SAI SARDAR 15 days ago
tan 45=sin 45/cos45=[1/root(2)] /[ 1/root(2)]=1 ans PLZ APPROVE
Nikhil Upadhyay 20 days ago
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