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 Let g (x) = ∫0x f (t) dt, where f is such that 1/2 ≤ f(t) ≤ 1 for t [0,1] and

0 ≤ f(t) ≤1/2 for t [1,2]. Then g (2) satisfies the inequality:

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


g(2) = ∫02 f (t) dt = ∫01 f (t) dt   +  ∫12 f (t) dt

1/2 ≤ f(t) ≤ 1 for t ∈ [0,1] and 0 ≤ f(t) ≤1/2 for t ∈[1,2].

 011/2.dt ≤ ∫01 f (t).dt ≤ ∫01 1.dt   and 12 0.dt ≤ ∫12 f (t) dt ≤∫12 1/2.dt

1/2 ≤ ∫01 f (t).dt ≤  1   and     0 ≤ ∫12 f (t) dt ≤ 1/2

on adding above gives,

1/2 ≤ ∫01 f (t).dt + ∫12 f (t) dt ≤ 3/2

1/2 ≤ g(2) ≤ 3/2


Please feel free to post as many doubts on our disucssion forum as you can. If you find any question difficult
to understand - post it here and we will get you the answer and detailed solution very quickly.We are all
IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation. All the best.

IIT Kgp - 05 batch

7 years ago

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Ajay 3 months ago
By Cauchy Schwarz Inequality with equality occurring when a^2=1,b^2=4,c^2=9 i.e. a=1,b=2,c=3. Since a+b+c=6, Hence Hope this helps
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Nice Solution hsbhatt Sir
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