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solve for x; if

log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

log(x3+7)/log7 - logx+3/log7 = 2

logx3+7 - logx+3 = 2log7

logx3+7/x+3 = log49

x3+7 = 49x + 49*3

x3 -49x - 20*7 = 0

x3 - 49x - 140 = 0

now solve for x

4 years ago

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Please complete your question.
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help expain fully
Ans: © Limit of f’’(x) at x = 0 exists. Other data should be given which make the limit zero by zero form So it is zero by zero form. Apply L’hospital rule
Jitender Singh one year ago
jitendra sir can you tell me how it is 0/0 form ….….… ther data is given....please
milind one year ago
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