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solve for x; if

log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

log(x3+7)/log7 - logx+3/log7 = 2

logx3+7 - logx+3 = 2log7

logx3+7/x+3 = log49

x3+7 = 49x + 49*3

x3 -49x - 20*7 = 0

x3 - 49x - 140 = 0

now solve for x

4 years ago

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if x-c is a factor of degree m of the polynomial f(x) of degree n (1
Question seems to have mistake. Please check it.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
Find the sum of n number of terms. 1/2+3/4+7/8+15/16.......n
Now that is a GP.
Nishant Vora one month ago
if the roots of the equation 1/x+a + 1/x+b =1/c are equql in magitude but opposite in signs , then their product is (a)- ½ (a squqre+b square) (b)- -1/2 ( a square+ b square) (c)- 1/2ab...
aren’t the first and second optins are same? whatever it may be the correct ans is -1/2(a 2 +b 2 ) on solving the given equation into the form ax 2 +bx+c=0 we get x 2 +x(a+b+2c)+ab-(a+b)c=0 ...
noogler one month ago
integration of √cot x
Anoopam Mishra 12 days ago
Integrate x sin(2x) dx
Integrate the original integrand by parts: ∫ xsin(2x) dx Let f'(x) = sin(2x) f(x) = -cos(2x) / 2 Let g(x) = x g'(x) = 1 ∫ f'(x)g(x) dx = f(x)g(x) - ∫ f(x)g'(x) dx ∫ xsin(2x) dx = -xcos(2x)...
grenade 3 months ago
thank u
Gman Namg 3 months ago
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