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solve for x; if

log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

log(x3+7)/log7 - logx+3/log7 = 2

logx3+7 - logx+3 = 2log7

logx3+7/x+3 = log49

x3+7 = 49x + 49*3

x3 -49x - 20*7 = 0

x3 - 49x - 140 = 0

now solve for x

4 years ago

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Q is in the attached image
could you please explain how you got that?
Satviki Pathak yesterday
Svbsmanyam yesterday
by L’hopitol’s rule
9 hours ago
using L-HOSPITAL rule,we get lim -2sin2sinx=0 x-0
9 hours ago
The sides of a triangle are distinct positive integers in arithmetic progression. If the smallest side is 10 the number of such triangles is ….........
hi, Since the sides are in A.P let the sides be x , x + d and x + 2d. now since smallest side is 10 therefore x = 10 => sides are 10 , 10 + d and 10 + 2d we know that sum of any two sides of...
Ashwin 7 months ago
in the last third line it is => d instead it should be => d sorry my mistake
Ashwin 7 months ago
its not coming take it as 10 > d so d should be less than 10
Ashwin 7 months ago
let a,b>0 satisfy a^3 +b^3=a -b then 1. a^2 +b^2=1 2.a^2+ab+b^21 d.none of these
is a and b greater than 0
Rahul Jiji George 16 days ago
it isnt option 2
Rahul Jiji George 16 days ago
Fine the minimum number of plants to be planted on a five straight line lanes so that on each lane there are exactly 4 plants
according to me it is 14
Shubham Singh 7 days ago
my ans is 11
Svbsmanyam 7 days ago
Dear student, Please post the correct question. Thanks Nishant Vora
Nishant Vora 22 days ago
where is the question kindly post it again to get it be answered
ng29 22 days ago
if the angle between two forces increases,the magnitude of their resultant:
Resultant of two vectors A & B is calculated as sqrt.(A 2 +B 2 +2ABcos(theta)) where theta is angle between them. As theta increses from 0 to 180, cos(theta) varies from 1 to -1. So...
Durgesh Yadav 21 days ago
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