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solve for x; if

log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

log(x3+7)/log7 - logx+3/log7 = 2

logx3+7 - logx+3 = 2log7

logx3+7/x+3 = log49

x3+7 = 49x + 49*3

x3 -49x - 20*7 = 0

x3 - 49x - 140 = 0

now solve for x

4 years ago

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Drake 6 months ago
this is 12 th class ncert direct question you can check it in ncert solutions in askiitians
yaswanth 6 months ago
(x²-1) (x²-3x+2)
Hello student, Your question seems to be incomplete as it does not state what is to be done with this term. Kindly check and post your question again so that we can provide you a meaningful...
Latika Leekha 16 days ago
what we have to do with the folloeing expression either integrate, factorise, diffrentiate, roots what
grenade 16 days ago
Given that ax 2 + bx + c = 0 has no real roots and a + b + c c = 0 c > 0 c None of these
will u please complete the question the data is not sufficient
grenade 20 days ago
c less than 0 is the third option I kind of deducted that b 2 -4ac 2 2 is always “ac” should also be positive, implying that a and c should bopth either be positive or...
Anjali Singh 20 days ago
answer is option c if a+b+c is less than 0 that means that f(1) is less than zero so since the given quartatic has no real roots the whole graph (parabola) lies below x axis so f(x) so...
Nicho priyatham 19 days ago
curve 16x 2 +8xy+y 2 -74x-78y+212=0 represents parabola ellipse hyperbola none of these
yes it is parabola for parabola h 2 =ab and also Discriminant must be non zero Discriminant= abc+2fgh-af 2- bg 2 -ch 2 for given eq- a=16 b=1 h=4 approve if useful
ng29 2 months ago
@neeraja check ur answer again u had written a=4 and that is incorrect according to ur values answer is not parabola
ng29 2 months ago
parabola! h=4 a=4 b=1 h^2=ab which implys parabola study short cut methods on parabola
Neeraja Outdare 2 months ago
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Sumit Majumdar 9 months ago
do help .. evaluate the following in the image attached ….
in the first limit , take x 2 out of root and substitute 0 for lim x-> infinity (1/x)
shashank raom 6 months ago
For 1) ans is 1 2) ans is 32/3
Abhishek Singh 6 months ago
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