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solve for x; if

log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


log 7(x3+7)-log7(x+3)=2

log(x3+7)/log7 - logx+3/log7 = 2

logx3+7 - logx+3 = 2log7

logx3+7/x+3 = log49

x3+7 = 49x + 49*3

x3 -49x - 20*7 = 0

x3 - 49x - 140 = 0

now solve for x

5 years ago

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If a=1290478349 and b=3874972357457 then tell the answer of a%b
a=1290478349 and b=3874972357457 then a%b=1290478344 because a is smaller than b. so it is not divisible
Gaddam Chethan 7 months ago
DEAR PRABHAKAR, a value is smaller than b. so it is impossible to calculate ….….….….….….….….….….….…...
Gowri sankar 6 months ago
then the value of a%b is 1290478349 because a is smallest value than b , so a is not divisible by b. but b%a is possible and can get one answer. a=1290478349 and b=3874972357457 If
vannala shivanand 7 months ago
Sum to n terms of the series +
first find the nth term of the series 1,3,5,7,........are in first place …........nth term=1+(n-1)2=2n-1 nth term=a+(n-1)d 3,5,7,9.........are in second place.........nth term=3+(n-1)2=2n+1 ...
noogler one year ago
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a+q=11 then q=5,a=?
a + q = 11 q = 5 and a = ? Substitue the value of q in the equation: a + 5 = 11 a = 11- 5 a = 6
Nihal Patel 10 months ago
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IF FORCE F=2I+3J+2K and DIsplacement r=3i+4j+5k.find the work done by force.
Dear student, Work done= force dot displacement you just need to take dot product
Nishant Vora 4 months ago
WE KNOW THAT WORK IS A SCALA. THEN WORK W= F.D GIVEN f=2I+3J+2K ;r=3I+4J+5K WE KNOW THAT DOT PRODUCTp { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } A.B = a 1 a 2 +b 1 b 2 +c 1 c 2 F.D =...
MAHESH 4 months ago
Dear student,Work done= force dot displacementyou just need to take dot product PLEASE APPROVE MY ANSWER
do max and min questions come in IITJEE a 2 +4b 2 =4 find the max value of 3a+2b-2
hello rahul, in the first given equation a2+4b2=4 put a=0 we get b=1 put b=0 we get a=2 then substitute in the 3a+2b-2 we get 6
raj 3 months ago
jagdish singh singh 3 months ago
Why we have to do matrices? What is use from this topic? please tell me the answer..
by using matrices we can solve the llinear equations in two and three variables .it also useful while calculating in rows and coloumns...and in engineering there is lot of uses with...
KALYAN 7 months ago
matrices is to read, u should do this because u wont get marks unless u practice& the use is that u can get marks in sems, ---{reality}/in/{rgukt}
qq 7 months ago
Hello Prabhakar A matrix is a collection of numbers arranged into a fixed number of rows and columns. Usually the numbers are real numbers. In general, matrices can contain complex numbers...
Gaddam Chethan 6 months ago
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