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The sum of ages of man and wife is 6 times the ages of the children.Two years ago the sum was 10 times the sum of ages of their children at that time.After six years sum of their children will be 3 times the sum of ages of their children.How many children do the have?

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


let mans age be a,womans be b,children be c,





now use crammers rule

5 years ago

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find the sum of the given series. description given in the image
Harsh Patodia one month ago
(r 2 +1) . r! = (r 2 +2r+1).r! -2r.r! = (r+1) 2 r! – 2r.r! = (r+1) (r+1)r! – 2r.r! = (r+1).(r+1)! – r.r! – r.r! =[(r+1).(r+1)! – r.r!] – [(r+1)! – r!] Thus, the summation is seen to be sum...
mycroft holmes one month ago
The sum of first 9 terms of the series 1³/1 +1³+2³/1+3...... Is
[hint: find the nth term and then find its summation] Tn for the series is : Tn= {(n+1)^2 }/4 Then use the summation of this Tn with n from 1 to 9. ∑ Tn = 96. Hope this helps. Comment if...
Anuj Shrivastav one month ago
Find the sum upto n terms. 1/3 + 2/21 + 3/91 + ..........
-> 1/1*3 + 2/3*7 + 3/7*13 ... For eveey denom. first terms Let a= 1+ 3 + 7... Nth term for it will be n²-n+1 For every denom. second terms Let b= 3 + 7 + 13.... Nth term for it will be...
2017 years ago
Find the greatest value of xyz for positive values of x, y, z subject to the condition xy + yz + zx = 12.
0.$ Then Using $\bf{A.M\geq G.M}$\\\\ So $\frac{xy+yz+zx}{3}\geq (xyz)^{\frac{2}{3}}\Rightarrow (xyz)\leq 4^{\frac{3}{2}}=8$\\\\and equality hold when $xy=yz=zx.$"...
jagdish singh singh 5 months ago
as the val
hjh 5 months ago
From any point on the line 2x + y = 1, tangents are drawn to the circle x^2 +y^2 = 9, then the chords of contact pass through a fixed point (A) (18, 9) (B) (9, 18) (C) (9,9) (D) (18,18)
Assume that point in parametric form on line 2x + y = 1 as: (x , 1-2x) and apply chords of contact concept here that is: T = 0. and put the point (x,1-2x). and try to satisfy the options...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
length of portion of the line x=y+2 intersepted by the circle x 2 +y 2 =100 is
The circle has center at O(0, 0) and radius as 10 Ley the the intercept which line cuts the circle be AB and M be mid point of AB then clearly OM = distance of line x=y+2 from O(0,0) =...
Ajay 2 months ago
Just solve the x=y+2 with circle eqn by sy=ubstituting the x value. and find the x and y coordinates. then use distnace formulae for calculating the distance..
Vikas TU 2 months ago
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