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If 1,ω,ω2,…….ωn-1- are nth roots of unity, then (1-ω)(1-ω2)…(1-ωn-1) is equal to

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Mahima,


Since,1,w,w2,….,wn-1 are the nth roots of unity, therefore


        Þ (x-w)( x-w2)..( x-wn-1)=

Þ (x-w)( x-w2)..( x-wn-1)=1+x+x2+…+xn-1

        Putting x=1 in above equation, we have (1-w)(1-w2)….(1-wn-1)=n

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all the best.

thanks and regards.

Akhilesh Shukla

6 years ago

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Sourabh Singh one month ago
let a be the common root then satifying the root in all the three eqns. we get, a^2 + ap + qr = 0 a^2 + aq + rp = 0 a^2 + ar + pq = 0 solving all three one by one by elimination method, we...
Vikas TU one month ago
Sourabh’s answer can be taken a bit further. Note that we have concluded that r is a root of the 1 st quadratic i.e. x 2 +px+qr = 0. From product of roots, the other root is q. Sum of roots ...
mycroft holmes 29 days ago
Can anyone plz solve the 10 problem plzIn sequence and series 10 problem is a doubt
Just rationalize each term and you will get D as all terms in middle will get cancel.
Harsh Patodia one month ago
The minimum |z| satisfying |z+1/z| = 2 is ...........?
The answer is -1+ as shown below......................................................................................
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Please read the question again. I want to find the minimum |z| Please tell me how to use Triangle Inequality in this..
Anshuman Mohanty 2 months ago
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intergation of 1/(a+bcosX) please step by steps there are lots of solution in net but i want detail solution
Detailed solution below------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- \quad \frac { 1 }{ 2 } \left( \frac { 1 }{ 2 } { tan }^{ 2 }\frac { x }{ 2 } +1...
Ajay 3 months ago
Why Can’t the solution for the trignometric equation cosθ=0 be written as (2n-1)π/2 ?
It can be written like that also. you just have to keep in mind values of (2n-1)π/2 as you substitute n.
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Vikas TU 4 months ago
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