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give me detail NIT Kurukshetra opening and closing rank?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


NIT Kurukshetra Opening and Closing Rank - AIEEE 2008


Branch Name Quota Allotted Under Category Opening Rank Closing Rank

Civil Engineering AI OB 13206 15983

  AI OBPH 189453 189453

  AI OP 3317 11385

  AI OPPH 160379 160379

  AI SC 61619 71279

  AI ST 80042 90296

  HS OB 17253 19616

  HS OP 11491 14149

  HS OPPH 167504 167504

  HS SC 79515 92691

  HS ST 321127 352869

Computer Engineering AI OB 5661 6120

  AI OP 1214 3314

  AI SC 22349 35591

  AI ST 55141 71638

  HS OB 7357 9263

  HS OP 3709 5968

  HS OPPH 62149 62149

  HS SC 38886 50801

  HS ST 176766 211949

Electronics & Communication Engineering AI OB 6728 8343

  AI OP 3189 5196

  AI OPPH 56368 56368

  AI SC 21838 45488

  AI ST 48209 89918

  AI STPH 321400 321400

  HS OB 9356 13527

  HS OP 5318 6994

  HS OPPH 134154 134154

  HS SC 46154 59392

  HS ST 162086 170869

Electrical Engineering AI OB 9425 12801

  AI OP 3251 8183

  AI OPPH 135666 135666

  AI SC 51027 61789

  AI ST 86774 98443

  HS OB 13777 17153

  HS OP 9193 11078

  HS OPPH 171691 171691

  HS SC 68581 83118

  HS ST 264667 305680

Industrial Engineering and Management AI OB 18941 21321

  AI OP 4869 12509

  AI SC 80572 88221

  AI ST 102722 166309

  HS OB 23651 25369

  HS OP 14575 16272

  HS OPPH 181994 181994

  HS SC 93715 99886

  HS ST 317432 359463

Information Technology AI OB 10715 11477

  AI OP 4338 6491

  AI SC 42435 53692

  AI ST 87767 91579

  HS OB 13694 14091

  HS OP 7002 8621

  HS OPPH 162030 162030

  HS SC 55056 67093

  HS ST 149684 260772

Mechanical Engineering AI OB 10121 12009

  AI OP 3595 7834

  AI OPPH 141669 141669

  AI SC 42335 56785

  AI ST 85855 98450

  HS OB 15358 15941

  HS OP 7882 10034

  HS SC 64798 79413

  HS ST 205652 282376

6 years ago

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according to official answer key the question of diffrential equation is correct but its not?. And 1 question in physics has 2 answers do we get grace for this question of physics if we...
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
ok so marks are only for students who have attempted 1 out of 2.
iitian one month ago
how does 2 bonus will affect the sc cutoff? please tell me..
In which category you are ?
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
as ihave previously also explained u that bonus had no effect on cut off cut off is based on thr difficulty of paper or u can just wait till 27 april for official cutoff as in newspaper also...
ng29 one month ago
ur score is line on cut off so in my opinion u will not able to get good college on the basis of ur score just try for other ones also like bitsat , ipu also prepare for jee advanced as cut...
ng29 one month ago
sir i am getting 53 marks in jee main (obc)will i be eligible for jee advanced
Although the chances are very rare, but hope for the best, as bonus marks may reflect some impact...on the cut off
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
It depends on the cut off , but the chances are low., try other exams. good luck.
shubham sharda 16 days ago
might be your good luck
akshat 16 days ago
Dear Team, Need clarity on the approach which needs to be taken for the following queries I have in mind for my twins studying in 7 th grade At what age preperation for SAT needs to be...
See, the first thing is that please don’t think this as load or such because if you will think like this then obviously as you know the children will also feel it and won’t study...
Suraj Prasad one month ago
Always welcome .
Suraj Prasad one month ago
for iit one can start studying from X it will not be a much burden bcoz in x there is no tension of board exams start coaching from good institute so that they can increase their skills and...
ng29 one month ago
Sir...mains 125 mark...Maharashtra board 90% (+/- 2%)..can I get nit raipur?
Yes u can get …....
Faiez khan one month ago
Think big
Nikhil Bishnoi one month ago
respected sir, on what basis do we get ranks and seats in nits...?? can you please explain me ???
On the basis of JEE MAIN score and class 12 th exams....Its a 60-40 ratio....alsong with Home state Reservation....
Saurabh Kumar 10 days ago
rank is calculated on the basis of jee main score and cbse board percentage, one important thing board percentile is added not percentage., and there are quotas like state quota , or caste...
ng29 9 days ago
You need to get good marks in board as well as jee main to get a seat in nits.
shubham sharda 4 days ago
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