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my aieee AIR is 6853.i m frm RJ.

can i get mech/ece/electrical in NIT allahbad?

7 years ago


Answers : (1)



As per the previous years trends , getting into NIT Allahabad with any of these branches at this rank wont be a possibility. But it still depends that whether in the second counselling, if any of these seats are available then u can get a place.

Prefer ece and electricals above mechanical as they are much more desired branches. These are the opening and closing ranks for NIT Allahabad.

NIT Allahabad Opening and Closing Rank

Branch Name Quota Allotted Under Category Opening Rank Closing Rank

Bio Technology AI OB 15017 15017

  AI OP 8278 11412

  AI SC 52408 72583

  AI ST 164933 164933

  HS OB 19688 19688

  HS OP 11632 13778

  HS SC 78236 78761

  HS ST 177655 177655

Chemical Engineering AI OB 13400 13400

  AI OP 7107 8275

  AI SC 36862 47134

  AI ST 105037 112738

  HS OB 13546 13546

  HS OP 8296 9212

  HS SC 52574 53118

  HS ST 133877 133877

Civil Engineering AI OB 12044 12883

  AI OP 7124 8483

  AI SC 18946 38071

  AI ST 57865 71698

  HS OB 14359 16658

  HS OP 8601 9991

  HS SC 42231 51542

  HS ST 153525 160406

Computer Science & Engineering AI OB 3438 4085

  AI OP 269 2616

  AI OPPH 20187 20187

  AI SC 5153 22254

  AI ST 21119 53562

  HS OB 4541 5718

  HS OP 2635 3597

  HS OPPH 26335 37819

  HS SC 22754 26226

  HS SCPH 106628 106628

  HS ST 77382 90435

Electronics & Communication Engineering AI OB 4895 5576

  AI OP 1574 3249

  AI OPPH 30912 32942

  AI SC 7467 28170

  AI ST 37131 51983

  HS OB 5807 7072

  HS OP 3481 4612

  HS OPPH 41940 44647

  HS SC 29611 31720

  HS SCPH 115451 115451

  HS ST 60281 77530

Electrical Engineering AI OB 6132 7786

  AI OP 3459 5124

  AI SC 31945 40635

  AI ST 62361 64435

  HS OB 8545 9530

  HS OP 5359 6665

  HS OPPH 47953 47953

  HS SC 41196 46232

  HS ST 103103 124120

Information Technology AI OB 6130 7127

  AI OP 3337 5173

  AI OPPH 59331 59331

  AI SC 27375 34040

  AI SCPH 131490 131490

  AI ST 66574 79693

  HS OB 8075 8929

  HS OBPH 81825 81825

  HS OP 5251 5982

  HS SC 32763 38437

  HS ST 96294 117097

Mechanical Engineering AI OB 8172 8682

  AI OP 1149 5479

  AI SC 13604 34488

  AI ST 72605 81862

  HS OB 9364 9844

  HS OBPH 103347 103347

  HS OP 5551 6978

  HS OPPH 41636 41636

  HS SC 35319 44007

  HS ST 120813 131357

7 years ago

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SAHIL 5 months ago
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  • Complete JEE Main/Advanced Course and Test Series
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