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gopal nair Grade: 12


I have a doubt regarding AIEEE counselling.Suppose a candidate( AIR withinn 12000) who has intially applied for counselling has done all the initial formalities including payment of the Rs 25000 draft,and suppose he has done the remote reporting too,then this candidate then decides to cancel the seat after the 4th counselling for admission to another better college.Suppose this happens at a large scale .This would obviously result in a large no of vacant seats in many top Nits.How would these vacant seats be filed?Would they be filled or remain vacant?

7 years ago

Answers : (2)

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


Generally , this doesn't happen on a large scale , and there are not too much seats vacant in the top NITs. But some colleges do give the info, if any seats are available in the newspapers or publish that on their sites. So, u need to be updated all the tym about the current scenario about the vacancy of seats.

but there is a very low probability that too many seats wud be vacant in any of the NITs.

7 years ago
gopal nair
8 Points

Thank you sir for the reply.

Would the allotment then be again based on the AIR?I mean would it appear like a fifth counselling??(If the above mentioned incident were to happen)


7 years ago
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