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Shailesh Kumar

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Shailesh Kumar

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my first name :   Shailesh
my last name:   Kumar
my gender :  my replies!   Male
date of birth :  my replies!  N/A
my hometown :  my replies!  N/A
i am askiitians user since:  my replies!  N/A

Completed my B.Tech.  in Electrical Engineering from I.I.T. Roorkee and I am, since then, working with a very high reputed firm  in Mumbai as an Electrical Engineer. My AIR was 912.


My area of expertise is Maths and Physics.

 My Vision:

    I want to share my Mathematics and Physics knowledge, earned during my IIT JEE preparation, with the current generation. By doing that, I can ensure that I never forget what I learnt by working very hard day in and day out during my IIT JEE preparation,

I can also contribute something towards my society with the knowledge I have gained, and, of course, I have an opportunity to earn some extramoney too. 




my replies! B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee

my replies!Cumulative GPA: 7.36/10

my replies! A.I.R. in IIT JEE –  2004: 912


Relevant Coursework:

my replies!   Electrical Machines, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Microcontroller, Power System Analysis, Protection and Switchgear, Applied Instrumentation, Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments,Thermal Science, Engg. Seismology and Seismotectonics, Mathematical Modeling. 


my replies! Investigation of the performance of Microcontroller based Induction Motor Drive  by indirect vector control of its speed implying Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Converter.

my replies!Studied, Assembled and programmed a Line Following and Collision avoiding Mini-Robot.


 My Work Experience


my replies! Intern, APPIN Knowledge Solutions, New Delhi.

my replies! Assembled and programmed a Line Following and Collision avoiding Mini-Robot, and trained 2nd year engineering students of electronics major in a recognized university in the same project.