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askIITians offers a unique IIT JEE Crash Course 2014 for students who need an intensive program to maximize your chances to crack IIT JEE. Known as QUARK 2014, it is a complete capsule classroom program that covers both JEE (Main & Advanced) 2014 syllabus in just four months!

Salient Features of QUARK 2014

Our students lovingly say that this Online Crash Course for JEE is named QUARK because it produces Quality & Unique Aspirants of Real Kind. Quite intensive in nature, this 4-month classroom program features:

  • 150 hours of Online Lectures, (90 hours for those who join in middle)
  • 225 Daily Practice Papers (DPPs),
  • Video recordings of Lectures for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM), and
  • 30 Online All India Test Series (AITS). (20 tests for those who join in middle)

Priced at just Rs 27,036/-, QUARK 2014 is quite affordable. (Price - Rs. 20,000 /- for those who join in middle)

You hardly have four months to prepare for JEE Main 2014, JEE Advanced 2014 and BITSAT 2014. For many of you, it will be your last attempt to crack the engineering entrance exam. At such a time, IIT JEE Crash Course we bring for you offers just what you need, such as:

  • Quick study and revision of all the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics,
  • Honing analytical skills and developing parallel thinking process, which will help you to apply basic concepts to solve complex problems successfully.
  • Coming up with tailor-made study strategy and time management technique for each individual.
QUARK 2014 Composition

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This course is quite well structured. Designed by engineers, it includes just the right mix of all the components of JEE preparation to unlock their potential and help them get their best ranks in JEE Main as well as JEE Advanced exams (or BITSAT exam).