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IIT JEE Question Solutions
  • Of the followin..  ( 10 hrs )
  • Can an object b..  ( 10 hrs )
  • Figure shows Co..  ( 12 hrs )
  • Can the velocit..  ( 12 hrs )
  • (a) Can an obje..  ( 12 hrs )
  • Can the average..  ( 12 hrs )
  • When the veloci..  ( 12 hrs )
  • How do i make m..  ( 13 hrs )
  • Circular loop o..  ( 15 hrs )
  • Excuse me..i wa..  ( 15 hrs )
  • Hello I am in g..  ( 16 hrs )
  • Hello I am in g..  ( 16 hrs )

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    IIT JEE Main & Advanced Free Course Study Material

                                              IIT JEE Mathematics
    IIT JEE Algebra

    Set Theory & Function | Complex Numbers | Progressions | Permutations and Combinations | Binomial Theorem for A +Ve Integral | Matrices and Determinants | Probability

    IIT JEE Trigonometry

    Multiple and Sub-Multiple Angles | Trigonometric Equations | Properties and Solution of Triangles

    IIT JEE Co-ordinate Geometry

    Straight Lines | Circle | Parabola | Ellipse | Hyperbola | 3D Geometry

    IIT JEE Differential Calculus

    Limits, Continuity and Differentiability | Differentiation | Application of Derivatives | Tangents and Normals | Maxima and Minima

    IIT JEE Integral Calculus

    Indefinite Integral | Definite Integral | Area Under Curves

                                       IIT JEE Chemistry

    IIT JEE Physical Chemistry

    Atomic Structure | Chemical Bonding | Chemical Equilibrium | Ionic Equilibrium | Electrochemistry | Chemical Kinetics | Solid State | States of Matter | Solutions | Redox Reactions | Surface Chemistry

    IIT JEE Organic Chemistry

    Isomerism | Saturated Hydrocarbons | Alkenes and Alkynes | Alkyl halides | Alcohols and Ethers | Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives | Amines and Nitrogen Containing Compounds | Carbohydrates Amino Acids and Peptides

    IIT JEE Inorganic Chemistry

    S and P Block Elements | D and F-Block Elements | Coordination Compounds & Organometallics

                                               IIT JEE Physics

    General Physics | Mechanics | Wave Motion | Thermal Physics | Electrostatics | Magnetism | Electric Current | Electromagnetic Induction | Ray Optics | Wave Optics | Modern Physics